Tired Saturday Ramblings

I’ve been quiet here, not by choice, but because my computer was ailing.  Even though it seemed mortally wounded, my trip to Best Buy’s Geek Squad revealed a one-button cure.   The tech was kind enough to tell me that if he pushed the button it would cost $129, or I could tote my machine back home and push the button myself for free.  I’m not sure that the last two days of hair-pulling and cussing were exactly free, but I do finally have the machine in seemingly good working order.  If the squad had announced that my baby couldn’t be resuscitated, there would have been great weeping and wailing at my abode. 


When I realized my machine was in trouble, I tried to copy my product photos onto discs.  I was unsuccessful, so I have a bit of photography to repeat on recently made items.  Other photos are no great loss, fortunately. 


It is Saturday, and I was out all day.  I had knitting group, then we went on a group field trip, then I made a short grocery shop at Fresh Market.  Fresh Market should be ashamed.  They had little old ladies giving away samples of a passable pumpkin pie, enhanced with tiny dollops of whipped cream.  As it seemed that I wouldn’t get to any baking this weekend, I purchased one for my new neighbors.  As I was unpacking groceries at home, my eye fell on the ingredients list.  It began like this:  “pumpkin, high fructose corn syrup…”.  You may have noticed that the Cheap, Unhealthy Ingredients Lobby has been running commercials trying to make high fructose corn syrup benign.  Some of the “research” they quote was actually funded by the industry.  Bogus studies aside, a 2007 Rutgers study found evidence that high fructose corn syrup did tissue damage that leads to diabetes (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/08/070823094819.htm). 


Nutrition scientists are pretty much in agreement that Americans need to decrease their sugar intake.  Part of the difficulty with high fructose corn syrup is that its cheapness and its ability to prolong shelflife has manufacturers putting it in foods where it would never be suspected.  A tablespoon of ketchup has 1 teaspoon of high fructose corn syrup.  Products as “unsweet” as Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix and frozen turkey can include high fructose corn syrup.  We would have to spend an inordinate time reading ingredients lists in order to flush it out and truly decrease sugar intake.  All this information makes me happy that I have, for the most part, drastically cut processed foods out of my diet.  Eating like our great-grandparents seems to be the safest plan. 


I am knitting with Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke tonight.  I’m enjoying making a very sculptural neck warmer.  It began with a medallion, five inches across, knit from the center outward, with enough increases to make ruffled edges.  After I cast off half of the stitches, I continued down the length of the piece, adding four cables-two small, two very large, all meandering along with unpredictable crosses.  I’m excited about the turns this has taken.  Yesterday I blocked the lacey red cashmere scarf.  Today, it was sold.  I’ll start another lace scarf in Karabella Breeze shortly.  Yesterday I made three hats-two for children, one beret style for an adult.  They were all made with SWTC’s combinations of soy and wool-Karaoke and Gianna.   They were great fun. 


I am suddenly as tired as I can be.  I’ve had a great day.  Time to rest.



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