Flu Shots and Scarves from Favorite Yarns

Flu shots.  Everyone groans when I say those two words.  Lately vaccines of all kinds are getting a bad name and people are coming forth with all manner of terrible side-effects and morbidities related to getting those preventive immunizations.  Unfortunately, the flip side is not getting near the same attention.  We are seeing resurgences of potentially deadly diseases like measles, which can kill and cause birth defects.  There is no science on the side of the vaccines-cause-autism claims.  There is ample and adequate science to support the suggested CDC immunization schedule. 


Every fall, I order influenza vaccine for my household.  I take a flu shot, and I immunize my children and anyone else who is going to be spending considerable time in my house (like my cleaning person).  I’m one of those immunocompromised people who, because of my current medications, cannot mount a good defense to diseases like the flu.  Call me a pessimist, but I don’t want to die of something preventable.  Looking at the statistics on children and the elderly, I don’t know why anyone would want to subject them to the risks of influenza, either.  If you’ve ever had a case of influenza (high fever, muscle aches, fatigue, weeks of coughing), you probably don’t want to repeat it.  It’s not a simple “cold”; it has a distinctive presentation and no great treatment.


Today, I gave my daughter her flu shot, and she gave me mine.  She’s been good with needles since she was about six years old.  She’s helped me take IV medications at home, give myself joint injections, and she can draw blood and give subcutaneous and intramuscular shots.  She understands sterile technique and never contaminates a sterile field.  For someone who has never had any intentions of studying medicine, she has extensive knowledge and skills.  Somehow her friends seem to know this.  She’s been the trusted first aid provider and transporter and babysitter for numerous sick and injured friends.  I’ve become accustomed to her calls:  “Mom, __ had at least seven beers and two shots of tequila and now he’s vomiting and shaking.  Does he need to go to the emergency room?” 


I’m working with beautiful fibers today.  I’m using a ball of Karabella Supercashmere Fine in deep red to make my second lace pattern scarf.  So far it is lovely, light and soft on Clover Takumi size 3 needles.  I’ve resurrected a project that was buried in my coffee table (a storage bench that is a treasure trove of knitting projects), a scarf already in progress.  It is being knit in squares of knit and purl in Be Sweet 100% Bamboo, one ball of sage green and one ball of lilac being pulled together.  It has a gorgeous sheen and is silky and smooth.  I’m using square Kollage needles, size 7, and they hold the slippery yarn well.  Be Sweet is a very special company.  Their yarns-according to the history on the ball band-are “hand spun and dyed by women in South Africa under a job creation program that has offered opportunity in an economically depressed rural region with a 75% unemployment rate and little opportunity aside from hard labor in pineapple fields.”  Part of the proceeds from sales supports local schools.  These two scarves will keep me busy tonight, but in my head I’m planning other things for the trunk show. 


I think my surprise element for the show will be a number of gift bags, all shapes and sizes, with which I can take some license with the designs.  They will be suitable for giving gifts, but also useful as totes, so that they become part of the gift and not just a package.  These are developing in my mind. 


It’s going to be sunny and mild this week so I can get outside and take some product photos.  I have a pile that needs to be photographed and posted.  Friends made some purchases yesterday (the lilac llama hat and the chocolate beret-style hat, and the Kimono Angora scarf) and brought the pile down a little bit.  Nothing feels better than people who are close to you shopping with you instead of at the boutique down the street.  I love to make my friends happy.


I want to talk more about lace, but I’ll save it until I am showing you the red scarf.


I almost forgot to brag about the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies my daughter and I made today.  They are full of great stuff – cinnamon, wheat germ, flax seed meal, pecan meal, dark chocolate bittersweet chips, and they’re vegan.  We mostly followed the Joy of Vegan Baking recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies.  Of course they are delicious!  I’ll try to save some for election day. 




2 Responses

  1. AMEN!!! on vaccinations. I cannot imagine that a supposedly caring parent would leave a child vulnerable to these deadly disease. Keep on that soapbox! We’re with you.

  2. Tequila, can we vaccinate against that? Bad news stuff!

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