Briefly Here

Fab day.  I’m knitting away on a scarf that was sold the first time I took it in public.  It’s that gorgeous, soft, feather-light Kimono Angora, in the lovely shades of tan and brown and blue. 


The early part of the day was spent on an expedition to Greenlife Grocery, my favorite food shopping place in town.  It’s actually on the other side of town from where I live, and I would have felt guilty “wasting” gas to go there if it was still $4 per gallon, but at $2.50, I feel like I can make some excursions. 


My trip to the market led directly to my dinner:  sauteed purple cabbage and thinly sliced potatoes seasoned with fresh garlic and fennel seeds.  Oh yeah, with a soft lump of focacia bread that had the biggest chunks of sun-dried tomato in it.  My veggie soul is satisfied. 


Craig Ferguson (one of the secret loves of my life) is entertaining me tonight.  Whatever are comedians going to talk about when this election is over? 


This is such an abbreviated post, I think just to affirm that my engagement with activity and the world continues. 



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