Reading Cashmere

I’m in Georgia and I’m not sweating.  Thank God for fall, my favorite season.  The humidity has finally decreased down here, although overall it lags behind even the southeastern corner of Tennessee where I live.  Better weather and some easing of joint pain makes me feel like I’m cruising.  Knitting cashmere, eating Kashi cereal, visiting my girl…are there better things in this life?  Oh, and I’ve got avocados.  So yes, my life is good. 


Both my kids bent some fenders this week, and I’m still in a good mood.  Everything was minor (except the coming bills, I’m sure), they don’t make a habit of it, and someone pushed the mellow button in my brain, the one that won’t allow me to scream and go nuts unless it’s truly warranted.  The older I am, the less situations seem to warrant that.  I’m tired of commercials about middle age and how active and agile we can be.  They ought to be talking about growing into inner peace and a gentler nature and less craziness and chaos in our lives. 


I finished a book today.  It had very little action and lots of thinking.  Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox was my kind of story.  It was told primarily in the thoughts and memories of three characters, and it took hearing all three viewpoints to piece together the entirety of the important happenings.  I always admire clever construction, whether in writing or crafting, and this was a good example. 


My child just finished a weekend visit from her best girlfriend.  They have been close for eight years.  They have lots of similarities, some of which could be exasperating when they were younger.  I took them on many trips where I was the driver, and I invariably wound up feeling like I was traveling alone.  Early on, I’d be chattering away, only to realize that no one was responding.  When I’d peek in my mirror I’d find them in their own corners of the back seat, each deeply engrossed in a book.  My daughter tells me that they had to read before they went to bed last night.  Some things don’t change. 


I’m about ready for bed, and I think I’ll wind down with a little more knitting.  Nothing is more soothing than stroking cashmere.



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  1. I too like The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. I’m glad you’re having a great time visiting.

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