In Which a Yarn Induces Obsession and Wild Pronouncements of Love

I am in love.  I didn’t plan it this way, and I certainly can’t afford a new obsession, it just happened.  Remember the Kureyon striped tote that I knitted?  This afternoon I took a leftover ball of the yarn (colour 182) and began to knit a wrap.  You’ll see the wrap in a more developed state.  I’m almost to the end of that skein, and the wrap is coming nicely, with interesting geometrics to the whole design.  Needless to say, one ball of yarn is not going to complete it.  I jumped onto the computer and found that, one of my favorites that I have mentioned before, has that yarn on sale.  I ordered enough to finish the wrap, then I scanned the menu to the left, just looking at interesting yarn names.  This is one way you know you are obsessed.  Who would look for interesting yarn names just so they could scan photos of yarn strangers?  My eyes fell on “Kimono Angora”, and I hit the link. 


Love at first sight!  I can feel the softness of the angora through the computer screen.  The colourways are enchanting.  I hopped over to Knitter’s Review to see what Clara Parkes had to say.  This yarn has been out for more than two years, and she reviewed it positively.  (See it here:  In-Depth Review of Knitting Yarn.)  I logged onto Ravelry (a site for knitters and crocheters to do all things crafty together) and found a few hundred projects knit from this Louisa Harding yarn, and they all convinced me that I have to use it.  I am so in love that I want to make myself  a hat!  (Of course, I might not want it so badly if I hadn’t had my hair cut down to nothing with those clippers.  I am finding that 60 degree weather makes my head cold.  Ridiculously sensitive!) 


At Little Knits, the yarn is on sale.  More shivers.  I ordered two colourways, and I almost paid the extra $20 to have them delivered in two days.  Don’t worry, economitis took over and I came to my senses.  I will be holding my breath until delivery. 


I can’t give you any better description of what I’m doing with the Kureyon right now.  First, you may laugh at me.  Second, it’s in testing phase and I may revise it five times before I am satisfied.  But I promise I’ll show it soon.  Meanwhile, I am also using fiddly little needles and knitting sock yarn into a hat (the one I mentioned in my last post).  I am quite happy with the result, and I hope to have a finished topper to show you tomorrow. 


My son is home today!  As usual, he called as he was getting in the car.  We had a nice long conversation before he drifted to sleep on the sofa.  Lucy is keeping his feet warm.  I’ve also talked with two sisters today.  The one in Minnesota got me all excited about a farm that raises sheep and sells kettle-dyed yarns (Shepherd’s Choice, you can find them on line).  I really should move to a community in the north so I could enjoy a wide selection of yarn stores and fiber venues.  The other sister listened to me rave about Kimono Angora and said “You get as excited about yarn as I do about vacuum cleaners.”  Hmmm.  Do we really share DNA?


I’ve had such a nice Sunday, in spite of pain and flaring and all that lupus stuff.  I’m so glad to have a big disconnect between my physical stuff and my sense of well-being. 




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