It’s All Talk

The current attack of economitis is infecting my personal finances.  I am in a flare with bad back and foot pain.  That’s all I have to say about that.


Today is a good day.  It is a knitting day following a knitting day.  I met two knitting buddies yesterday and had lunch and talked and knitted for five hours.  One thing I love about meeting with my friends is that I learn from them.  I’ve had friends who made me feel mush-brained after ten minutes.  Thank goodness for these cool people.  They are well-educated and well-read.  They stay current on local and world news.  Our conversations can go from national election to local real estate to child discipline in one session, and no one gets left behind.  As frequently happens, a woman stopped at our table yesterday to look at what we were knitting.  I love it when we show off our pieces. 


Sometimes the talk turns crazy.  Overheard at recent knitting meet:

“I hate asymmetry.”

“You’d have a hard time living with my breasts.”


Speaking of pieces, I grabbed a hank of yarn that I adore and started knitting it today.  I wound a ball from about a third of it.  The entire hank is more than 400 yards, and my ball winder has stripped gears, so I couldn’t complete the winding.  That’s okay.  I want to knit a hat.  I started it today, but after knitting about three inches, I didn’t like the stitch pattern.  I ripped it back to the ribbing this evening, and I’m going to make a different pattern.  I have to take into consideration the hand-dyed superwash wool I’m using.  It is a lovely mixture of yellow and medium brown.  It comes from Unwind Yarn Company’s Etsy store:  Beautifully dyed yarn from a local craftswoman.  I’ll show it tomorrow. 


I have been distracted by the opening scenes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I can see that I am going to be angry over this show.  All this mindless materialism is going to be nauseating, juxtaposed against the world economitis.  I hate all the waste.  I can’t see it without wondering what part of their brains and talents are also being wasted.  I think about all the need around us and how many hurricane refugees you could relocate into an estate home with 20,000 square feet.   I’ve never had the desire to have googobs of money, or to live in an ostentatious way.  I just want to buy art and yarn. 


The dog is pacing at the door.  I’ve gotta go do this little driveway walk before she gives up and relieves herself in my craft room.




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