As I Was Saying…

If you read my post from last night, you know I was angry and hurt by my neighbor’s letter of complaint about my dog.  He had a legitimate complaint, but a typed letter instead of a face-to-face was not copacetic. 


So, today, I put on my big-girl panties, marched up the sidewalk, rang the doorbell, and…had a lovely visit with my neighbor’s wife.  She was apologetic about her husband’s cold letter and explained his work pressures and attempts to be “efficient”.  We had a longish visit while the kids came back and forth to interject complaints about each other.  There was a lot of catching up on family stuff and some good laughs.  I came home feeling reassured that “neighborly” is still a relevant word, and that I do have some nice, caring, but very busy, young folks around me.


A little while later, my phone rang.  The number was unfamiliar.  It was my neighbor.  He gave a heartfelt apology and chatted for a few minutes.  I love it when people turn out to be better than I thought.


I spent the early part of the morning posting items to my store.  They were things that I’ve talked about as they were in process.  They have been blocked, photographed, measured, and entered into my store.  The posting itself takes me about 30 minutes.  First I edit the photographs, deleting any that cannot be used.  I try to have at least three photos of each item, properly sized and displaying the item to best advantage.  Then I fill in the Etsy “add a new item” form.  It includes a title, detailed description of the piece, price, materials, shipping cost, section of the store, and uploading the photos.  Finally, it shows me a preview of the listing to approve.  I did four items this morning, saving my lace scarf for last.  I felt a swell of emotion as I saw how beautifully it draped, and the simple lace stitches that were my own creation. 


I have done some sprucing up in the store.  I changed the banner.  I opened the store in November, 2006.  The banner photo came from a multi-coloured blanket knit from Noro Silk Garden.  I was ready for something sharper and at the same time, more simple.  You can see it (and the newly posted products) at  I also cleared some unloved merchandise out of the store.  Only seriously cool stuff from now on.  If you take a look and have suggestions for improvement, PLEASE tell me.  And now for more knitting.  I’m psyched.




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  1. You are clearly a better person than I am for confronting them directly and working it out. I have the reverse problem because I live in a crappy apartment so the issue here is loud college students playing explosion games on Wii that make me think the neighborhood is being bombed at 1am. I confronted one neighbor face to face, who politely told me he would keep the noise down, but didn’t stick to it. I don’t really want to get out of bed at 1 am to confront the neighbors, who are probably drunk, so I just call and report them.

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