Merino Brights, Mexican Food, and Meds

I received a box of yarn in the mail today.  I was expecting it, I’d ordered it, but it still felt like a surprise.  Occasionally when I order yarn from an Internet store, I’m surprised in a bad way.  Most of the time, I use places that give really good descriptions of yarns, so that I know how they look and feel and what they can do.  Sue Little at is good with those descriptions.  So is Elise at  Knitter’s Review ( has helped in that regard, too.  I read it faithfully, making mental notes of yarn characteristics.  I should thank Clara Parkes for teaching me a language and framework for evaluating and describing fibers.  She writes the Knitter’s Review, and her book, A Knitter’s Book of Yarn, is my bible for animal fibers.


Anyway, this box is from Little Knits and it contains a bag of a new yarn from a new company, Elle.  The yarn is Merino Brights, a colorful unplied merino with long repeats of vivid color.  I couldn’t resist it at the introductory price of $27.99 per bag of 10 balls.  It’s still on the website ( Little Knits your source for quality yarn and knitting supplies! ), although I see the color choices diminishing.  I wish I could have gotten a bag of each color.  Mine is gorgeous fall colors, bright red, orange and yellow with greens and browns, and an unexpected deep violet.  I’m knitting a cap, and you can’t see it yet because I have to have all the colors knitted in before I will show it.  It knits very easily, making lovely, even stitches, and each stripe of color is at least two rows wide on this cap.  Some are wider.  I’m loving it! 


My household is back to just Lucy and me.  Lucy hasn’t seemed to notice yet, but I can hear the quiet.   My daughter was home for the weekend, exteneded to today because of lingering temporary illness, so I didn’t notice the young cousin’s departure so much.  She has terminated her Chattanooga experience and is returning to the north to attack her home job market. 


The daughter’s visit was great fun.  We spent time with her dad and grandparents, including a visit to a new, really nice, Mexican restaurant.  (Oh stop complaining.  This is not Dine-O-Meter.  I can’t remember the name of the place.)  I was impressed with the authenticity of the food.  My tamale was actually wrapped in a corn husk, unlike the tamales of my childhood, which slid out of the can wrapped in white paper.   Even better, they were quite vegetarian-friendly. 


Lupus.  Guess I should say what’s going on.  I’m still dealing with sacroiliitis, and now my feet have begun to hurt.  That’s a surefire symptom for flaring.  I called my doc today to ask about changing one of my medications from oral to injection.  In the past, making that particular change brought increased effectiveness for that medicine (methotrexate).  I feel like I need every possible factor that might prevent my increasing prednisone again.  I’m at 10 mg and I’m not budging. 


That’s where I stand.  Darn right.  You betcha. 




3 Responses

  1. Here’s hoping the injections will do the trick and you can hold steady at 10 mg prednisone. Being on steroids is like dancing with the devil. I know nothing about knitting but your work is so bright and beautiful, it always cheers me up! Wishing you a pain-free week, — Sue

  2. I do hope the injection works and holds you – at least for a while.

    Let us know if you remember the name of the Mexican restaurant. We DO love that stuff.

  3. Hahahaha! Inquiring minds seem to want the name of the restaurant.

    Yep, I remember those tamales in a can from my childhood too and love them, especially when smashed on a cracker. Yum!

    What happened to Ashley?

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