Debate Cookies and Other Good Day Stuff

I am in a way better mood.  I left my house and did stuff today, stuff being a movie with my sister, lunch out, a major haircut, and now I’m cooking.   I just realized that I don’t truly know what day of the week it is.  All day I have been functioning as though it was a combination of Tuesday and Wednesday.  I haven’t missed anything, but I’ve started early on some stuff, unnecessarily and uncharacteristically.


First, my one snark.  What are our elected officials thinking?  As my Korean cardiology professor used to say, “Gas station children are laughing at us.”  Too long to explain.  Suffice it to say, we are looking irresponsible and stupid to the entire world. 


Today I saw The Women.  I laughed and laughed.  Fortunately, only my sister and I were in the theater.  When I get totally silly and wild I have to kick and flail my arms when I laugh.  This movie was deserving of the full reaction.    It didn’t miss a step in its portrayal of women friends.  Not to say that it was predictable, but every line rang so true that I felt I had said or heard it in a friendship of my own.  I’m going to see it again soon.


My haircut was fun.  I don’t go often enough for it to be routine.  I’m still meeting people at my new shop, and today two women were talking about – wait for it….- gasp!  knitting!!!  I was ridiculously excited.  I rarely meet other African-American women who knit.  I don’t know why, but I know lots more A-A crocheters.  Yes, I crochet too, but it’s knitting that makes my heart beat fast.  Detour.  My niece presented me with four awesome crochet books today that might actually increase my heartbeat.  They are all filled with modern, non-grandmotherly patterns.  We will see.  Anyway, I got an amazing haircut.  Meaning, my hair is so short you could cut Obama into the back and it would be seen quite clearly.  I mentioned that to my stylist.  She didn’t know whether to be amused.  I can see that she thinks I’m a nut, but she calls it “bold” instead. 


Tonight I am baking cookies.  I looked up recipes and got started, thinking that I need them for tomorrow.   It dawned on me that tomorrow isn’t Thursday, the day of the debate, the night that I need the cookies.  I’ve invited a few friends over to see Palin and Biden go at it, and we need snacks.  Oh well, I’m gonna be ready early.  What a concept.  Anyway, one batch of cookies is done and I have to go back to my precision cookie drop procedure. 




3 Responses

  1. Hi Babe! Glad you got your hair cut – I know how good that makes a gal feel. I got mine done yesterday.

    This morning, I finally got to the Dem Hdqtrs and got some buttons, yard signs, and bumper stickers. I feel much better now.

  2. Hey, a friend of mine saw The Women with his wife and thought it not too bad at all. (They were shooting for Batman but somehow missed a showing).

    Amazing that the House could reject bill on Monday, then the grownups in Senate pass on Wednesday, and after larding up the bill a bit, (and watching the market fall), all hands finally get up to deck to make it happen Friday in the House.

    People I know are walking around saying things like “Why should we bail out Wall Street” apparently forgetting that money markets are tied up, with banks not lending to each other or corporations, and corporations unable to issue short term funding debt. (Not to mention banks failing in Europe and problems in South Korea).

    So many people sound like toddlers unwilling to eat spinach. And Palin says, “We want government out of the way.” Uh huh, whatevs winking Bambi.

  3. Wow, amazing another black woman with short hair (I don’t have enough hair on my head to carve anything in it) and I knit too!

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