Karabella Breeze Lace Scarf

Oops.  Two days ago when I began writing about the chocolate silk/cashmere scarf, I mistakenly called the yarn Cashsilk.  Cashsilk is a lovely, soft cashmere and silk blend from Laines Du Nord, but it is not the yarn I was using.  I ordered a few balls of Karabella Breeze from Flying Fingers more than a month ago, and when I opened them I was delighted.  THAT’S the stuff that you see in my scarf photos.  I went back through two posts and corrected the name of the yarn.  I hope I haven’t misled anyone in an irreversible way.  The two yarns have two of the same components, but they are blended in very different ways.  Breeze is a thinner, more tightly spun yarn that immediately says “lace” to me.  Cashsilk has that fluffy bounce of an animal fiber, and indeed it has 50% merino, with only 25% cashmere and 25% silk.  Breeze, on the other hand, has 40% cashmere, 60% silk. 


Any long way…I have finished the scarf and it will be sprayed and blocked tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see the stretched version. 


Meanwhile, I’ll be finishing the sweater-vest I’m knitting from South West Trading Company’s Saphire.  I was thrilled to find this single-ply, chunky, superwash merino.  The colours are variegated with fairly abrupt colour changes.  The green/brown has the dappled appearance of a young tree, but strung out into varying width stripes.  My camera is upstairs with the boarding cousin, but I’ll have some photos tomorrow. 


Can’t get through this day without a mention of our acute economitis-you know, my reaction to the economic breakdown.  I felt my stomach drop into my feet today when I read online headlines saying the bailout bill hadn’t passed in the House.  I hope someone in that crowd is acting wisely and showing leadership. 


The lupus walk to raise money for the Alliance for Lupus Research is happening in Chattanooga next weekend.  If someone asks you to donate, please say “yes”.   




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  1. umm, yeah, and thanks for bringing all of that beautiful yarn to knitting on saturday… sorry – kind of brimming with a little snark & sarcasm. but i was so excited to see it (insert whine here)! add whining to my list of “brimming with”…

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