Karabella Breeze Lace Scarf

Yesterday I didn’t mention my most exciting knitting project.  I opened the balls of Karabella Breeze that I had ordered more than a month ago.  Sometimes I delay opening packages until I no longer remember what they contain.  It makes for a pleasant surprise.  The Breeze has that lovely dry smoothness of silk and immediately I wanted to make it into something lacey.  The cashmere makes it soft enough to comfortably wear against the skin, so together they made me think scarf.  I made up my own lace pattern and started to knit.  Umm, actually I think I started to knit about four times.  *Rethink the design, rip it out, begin again.  Repeat from * until design suits you.  Right. 


My design is simple, but not so simple that I could execute it accurately without a cheat sheet.  It has an eight row repeat, and I had to mark off completed rows so that I wouldn’t skip ahead or lag behind. 

This is still on needles, so it’s unblocked.

A closeup.  I love the milk chocolate colour.

And the check sheet.  14 repetitions of the eight rows stretches to about 24 inches, so I’ve got at least that many to go. 


I began the project when I was at my daughter’s.  I also began a sweater-vest.  I’ll photograph it when its shape is more evident. 




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