The Stuff of Happiness

I wake up in the morning, get out of the bed and walk to the bathroom.  No pains, no stiffness, nothing calling to me.  I walk a little slowly, still conserving energy, but it isn’t from discomfort.  I forget my morning medicines and don’t recognize it for hours.  I take on physically demanding tasks, sitting on the floor to sort through boxes, carrying finished items outside to photograph them, packing boxes to send away.  I do laundry, carry piles of it to the bedroom.  I pick up the phone and call people for long discussions.  I make plans. 


That is the way I live when I am recovering.  That is the way I am living right now, today.  A vast improvement over a few weeks ago.  The biggest change is that all those things are done without a lot of thought.  I don’t have to list them, calculate the energy each task will take, figure in rest time between chores, knock the bottom ten off the list.  I can move from one task to the next, add in extra things, hold a conversation while I work. 


I know all this sounds so ordinary as to be boring.  That’s probably how your every day goes.  Not so for me.  I had a week or two of this in the spring, before I fell into another flare.  It feels like a miracle when these easier days return.  I’ve worked up to about 8 minutes and 1 mile on the exercise bike, my taste for vegetables and fruit has returned, I’m feeling the prednisone side effects less every day…pushing towards normal.


I have three or four knitted caps lined up to photograph.  Two are on the styrofoam heads, blocking.  I’m knitting a loose, casual wrap on size 17s, brown Rowan Big Wool.  It has a giant cable, knit in a separate panel, running down the middle back.  I have a tiny bonnet in the lilac llama blocking so I can finish the construction.  It has a rather elegant construction, if I say so myself.  I’m feeling some mittens coming on.  Real, full cover mittens, my first ever pair.  They will have to go to a for A (afghans for Afghans).  All kinds of ideas are in my head, projects waiting to be born.  I am happy working.




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