I Knit Better Than I Cook

I’m getting somewhere.  Three new items posted in my store:  llama mitts, the purple rug, and the green baby blanket.  My goal is to complete and post two more items this week.  I’ve also finished the red bathmat for my daughter’s roommate.  It is having its first wash as we speak. 


Here’s the baby blanket:  You may recall that this blanket is superwash wool/bamboo.  I steam blocked it with a hand-held portable steamer that my daughter bought me just before she left for school.  She doesn’t like to knit, but she is very astute about what I need to knit this volume successfully.  I have no idea where she learned about steam blocking, but it sure saves me a lot of time. 


I made a disaster cake this evening.  It was supposed to be 7-Up Cake.  Well, technically it is, but last week’s cake puts this one to shame.  I used reduced fat Smart Balance instead of the regular Smart Balance, and the cake looked beautiful when I took it out of the oven, but sort of collapsed in on itself as it cooled.  Tastes good when you ignore the texture of the dense, settled innards.  Mmm. 


Now I’m ready to tackle the next piece.  More knitting, maestro, please.




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  1. I don’t like that bear’s attitude! I want to throw a pillow at him… what with his smug look. He is saying, “You want my blanket, but you can’t have it”

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