A Little Blog in the Morning

Yeah, I’m feeling good.  For the past week I’ve been getting on my bike for 5 minutes at a time.  I’m sore and crippled afterward, but it’s such an improvement in activity.  I’ve been more housebound the past six months than ever in the course of this disease.  Now that this flare is 95% over, I’m reversing that.  Going forward, can’t look back.


This morning I was noticing my tendency to pile on activity.  I scrambled my tofu and Gimme Lean sausage analog (delicious with recently discovered Alchemy Spices, locally produced).  When I brought my plate and coffee cup and sat down, I automatically turned on the television and reached for my computer.  It was unthinkable to just sit quietly and eat.  I know that, in part, I use this extra activity at meals to slow down my intake.  However, I also find that it is very difficult for me to just do one thing.  I don’t feel productive unless I am patching together two or three activities at one time.  My brain seems to crave more stimulation than one solitary thing can provide. 


On my mind this morning is (gasp!  surprise!  hold onto your hats!) knitting.  I finished the mitts knit in the gorgeous llama, I’m two-thirds of the way through a cotton bath mat for my daughter’s roommate, I’ve completed half of the body of a short jacket/wrap in soft, lofty Rowan Big Wool…as you can see, the ball is rolling.  (Yes, more lame puns.)  Hold on, let me get my camera.

I don’t have to tell you how beautiful they are.  The llama yarn (miski from www.mirasolperu.com) bloomed so thick and fluffy when I blocked the pair.  If I had been knitting when I had my baby, she would have had a cap and sweater and booties from this incredible yarn.  I have more of this soft lilac, which has a bit more red in it than the photos show.  I’m envisioning a little girl’s bonnet which ties under the chin, a short, thick scarf that tucks into the neck of a jacket…we’ll see.


There’s a story behind the bathmat.  I knit my daughter a thick, yellow, cotton bathmat for her apartment bathroom.  It matches the shower curtain that she hung in front of the generic shower door to provide more privacy and dress up the bathroom.  Her roommate complained that her own bathmat (they have separate bathrooms) is raggedy, and I promised her I’d knit her one, too.  She had her birthday this week, so it will be her present.  Yes, I know it’s right here for anyone to see, but do you think my daughter’s friends are sitting around reading my blog?  Um, no.  Not even.  This mat is bright red, Lion Brand Cotton, knit with two strands in blocks of stockinette and garter stitch. 


Gotta get with it.



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