Cotton Baby Hat for Labor Day

I had a special order a few days ago.  I was asked if I could make a baby cap in my store (this one:  Etsy :: essiewb :: Pale Pink and Magenta 9 months-Toddler Cap) in a smaller size.  After discussion and agreement on colours, I made this:  This is the second cap.  I made a slightly smaller one without the cute little eyelet business, and it will be in the store.  I put ties on this cap because it’s for such a small head (4-6 months, about 14 inches circumference) that may be lying down more than sitting up, and ties will help keep it from rubbing off.  This cap is tightly knit from two mercerized cottons, Endless Summer Collection from Connemara (lilac) and Sinfonia (periwinkle).  If you’d like to have the pattern, contact me and I’ll make it available in my store for a small amount (thinking money). 

I’m preparing the leaf kimono top to mail to my daughter.  I gave it a quick steaming with my new steamy buddy thing (thanks, Dayna!), and put it on Estelle.  Of course, it’s not the perfect garment for a gal with no shoulders, but you get the idea.  Hopefully the princess herself will send me a photo.  I added a row of single crochet around the neck to stabilize it, and crocheted my back ties.  I also added a couple of extra repeats of lace to the front and back to lengthen it to the top-of-the-jeans range where my daughter likes her shirts.  She’ll wear this with a tee or cami underneath. 

I think this was a successful first lace.  I’m happy with how the Southwest Trading Company Bamboo performed.  It is a beautiful chainette and comes in balls of 250 yards, took less than three to complete this tee.  The original in Interweave Knits was knit in Louet Euroflax linen, a much more expensive proposition.


Happy Labor Day to all.  In honor of the day, I’ll be laboring at my knitting.  Of all the work I’ve done, it feels less like work and consistently brings me pleasure.  And it makes me forget that my back still hurts. 




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  1. That lace top is impressive. I am biding my time, watching your different projects and yarns so I can eventually spring on you my contract project. But for now just observing the types of yarns and colors and making mental notes.

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