Cashmere, Bamboo, and Trunk Shows

Some loose ends:  The trunk show will be in Atlanta.  A friend offered to set it up and invite a good-sized neighborhood association, along with friends and colleagues.  I’m scared, but I’m going to do it.  There’s something about being the only vendor, instead of setting up in a sea of vendors…  I do enjoy sales situations where I can talk to people one-on-one about my knitting.  So many people have personal stories about their own craftwork or the knitting of a loved one, and I like fielding questions about the process of making my pieces. 


The customer who ordered the baby hat said her daughter doesn’t like having things under her chin, so I unraveled the straps and removed them (53 seconds work).  It will be on its way in tomorrow’s mail.  I generally send things Priority Mail-I’ve found it reliable and fast.  I’ll have a big Post Office run, with the box of things-I-forgot-to-pack for my daughter, and the finished blanket for my niece. 


Today I’ve finished wrist warmers (rather long ones) to go with a simple cashmere cap.  They will be for the trunk sale.  I’m still turning over possible embellishments in my mind.      

I’m experimenting with’s Superwash Bamboo now.  It is very soft, shows stitches nicely, and I’m thinking baby blanket with small cables.  We’ll see. 




2 Responses

  1. I’m sure you’ll do great with your trunk show. I’m just sorry that I’ll miss it. Have fun!

  2. your doing the show! wonderful! i’m so proud of you – you have no need to be worried. you knitting is beautiful and creative. and you need to restock your store before the holiday season starts! hope you’re up to knitting on saturday.

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