Saturday Mellow

No matter that I’ve had pessimistic moments this month.  Things don’t stay at their worst, on the bottom, forever.  I feel quite lifted today.  For a few days I’ve been able to leave the house in relative comfort, walking through the grocery store and taking care of a few errands.  I went to knitting group, the best fun, as always.  My back allows more chores at home, including folding piles of laundry and packing things that are going to school with the lovely daughter.  More significant than my improvement is the daughter’s recovery.  She is about 75% there, I’d guess, good enough to go to school, with much milder symptoms and worries than before. 


Frankly, I’ve ended this week determined to do what I want, so I’ve walked through the pain in my back and reminded myself that it’s going to be better.  Sometimes you just have to do that.  I know the steroids are in there, working, and they’ll catch up with me.


Visitors have been good for the psyche lately.  I saw my granddaughter yesterday, a cheery, quirky sprite of a child, open and loving as only a four year-old can be.  In my mind, I’m already knitting something for her Christmas.  I haven’t knit her anything since she was a toddler.  Officially (as if that matters) I am her step-grandmother, and I don’t see her nearly enough, so every visit is treasured.


The pink sweater has a front placket with buttonholes now, and I have a bit of crochet to make around the neck.  It will be done and photographed in a day or two.  I felted the Noro bag yesterday and it is amazing.  The colours blended so well, and the shape is absolutely right.  It needs a bit of finish work after it dries, including lining the handles with cloth.  Other projects are moving along, too.  I feel like the mother of a whole herd of children, urging them along a little at a time, with a word here and a hand over there.  They are making their way toward finish, my project babies. 


Gosh, I’m sounding rather mellow.  Better quit while I’m ahead.




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  1. Hope that all is better with you and your daughter. Life can get pretty crazy at times. I know that mine has been lately.

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