Coming Out of Flare for a Sick Child

I’m watching America’s Got Talent.  The judges and admin have changed the rules, narrowing the field of people who have traveled all the way to Vegas, sending some home before they even perform.  It’s a reminder for me of real life.  Sometimes the rules change.  Sometimes the landscape changes.  Sometimes we change.


Last week, my household was all about welcoming my young cousin and preparing my daughter for leaving.  The cousin arrived, and she is a perfect addition to our household.  She eats like us, enjoys the same television shows, and laughs with my daughter.  I am thrilled with her willingness to be with us, to participate in our family and share her lovely smile.  She learned to knit yesterday, probably in self-defense.  She shared our all-veggie meal today without complaint. 


On the other hand, my daughter is still here, because she has been ill.  It seems to be an exacerbation of an old illness, but her doctor is doing some tests to determine if something new is taking place.  The preparation for going to school stopped midstream, because she has barely been able to leave the couch for a week.  I am having mother freak-out, of course.  Just because you know the medicine doesn’t make it easier to bear.  It may make it worse, because you constantly think of all the horrible possibilities behind every little symptom.  She is taking it with good will, and has assumed the responsibility for helping her cousin to feel comfortable in the house.  My child is funnier from her sickbed than I am when I’m at my very best. 


I received a link today to an interesting challenge.  STC Craft is giving away a mitten pattern (Melanie Falick Books – News – The Big Mitten Give) if we agree to make a pair for someone in need.  There are no papers to sign, just your unspoken commitment.  If you have a short attention span and can only complete one mitten, you can donate it to your closest Veterans Administration Hospital.  Sadly, there are hundreds of injured soldiers coming home, needing only one sock or one mitten.  I’ve designed and made fingerless mitts before, and absolutely love them.  I will make many before the cold weather comes.  This mitten pattern will go on my list for my local Salvation Army.  Charity hats have been in my yearly schedule.  It will be fun to vary it a bit this year. 


My current projects have stalled at various points.  The niece’s blanket needed a new skein of yarn, and it just arrived today, so I can complete it in one good day and show off the crocheted connections.  The little girl’s sweater that I am knitting for a contract is lovely.  It has two inches of lace design at the bottom, and I’ve completed the body of the cardigan.  The sleeves will be cast on tomorrow and knit together.  They will get a bit of lace at the bottom, too.  The neckband and front placket are last.  This is the kind of design that I enjoy immensely.  I began the sweater with a stitch pattern that I liked, but decided that it didn’t have the feminine, little-girly look I was aiming for.  I frogged it and began again, on the right note this time.  The huge striped tote that I’m making from Noro Kureyon has haf its handles.  I decided to make one short one and one very long one.  The long one can be pulled through the short one to close the bag, and then placed over the shoulder.  I try to make sure that very large bags have a secure carrying mechanism, preferably one that involves placing the weight on a shoulder and back rather than a wrist or hand. 


The one project that I’ve been carrying around through Dayna’s appointments is the bathmat that I started with barely a thought.  It’s from a Buton d’Or cotton/acrylic 60/40 mix, machine-washable, and rather spongy feeling.  I’m using two strands at a time and it makes a thick fabric that will be easy on the feet.  It’s a very simple stockinette mat with a garter stitch border.  I purchased the yarn from a sale basket in Florida, knowing that it woud declare itself later.  Two days ago I walked by and it said “I can be the bathmat that matches Dayna’s shower curtain.” 


Today I awoke with one of those little improvements that tells me I’m on the recovering side of this flare.  It wasn’t huge, just a perceptible increase in energy.  My prednisone is at 20 mg and I can sleep again.  It seems that I am making up sleep with my four-hour naps.  Another improvement.  I’ll be back to my exercise bike and walking soon.  God willing, life not interfering. 




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