Wednesday, Still Listing

I’m still running my days by lists.  Knit, take care of store, cook, pack…those are the major items. 


Today I finished the last panel of the cotton blanket.  I made a row of single crochet and a row of double crochet on one panel side, then a row of single crochet and a row of trebles on the other.  I used slip stitches to join them.  This takes more yarn than I had to finish both seams.  I’ll be able to complete it when I get one more hank of Cozy Cotton.  I like this finish and it’s much stronger than just a slip-stitched seam.  Have to photograph tomorrow, before the daily thunderstorm. 


I ordered some cookbooks from Jessica’s Biscuit last week.  There were a couple I was dying to have, along with a freebie offer.  I am in love with The Joy of Vegan Baking, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  The book contains everything you’d want to know about baking without animal products, including how to stock your pantry, what to look for in certain ingredients to make sure they are vegan, and how to reproduce all the popular baked goods from breads to cakes to tarts and bars.  I made chocolate cake tonight from the most simple, wholesome recipe.  It is delicious and moist and it rose quite high.  My other books are on African cuisine, vegetarian cooking (sort of a comprehensive text), and grains.  I’m a dedicated cookbook reader.  They have so much more to offer than just instructions, and I even enjoy the style of the instructions from some authors. 


The Noro Kureyon bag is almost done.  I haven’t decided on a style for the top.  I’m thinking of a special handle treatment, but that will have to marinate in my brain overnight.  I don’t want it to be mundane.  For myself, I prefer a handle long enough to go over the shoulder.  That’s easiest when you have a heavy load.  I inevitably design things with my own preferences in mind.  Guess my perspective is the only one I truly have. 


I’m happy for all the recent comments and attention to the blog.  It’s nice to know you’re not talking in a vacuum, like the tree that falls in the forest…




3 Responses

  1. I’m always reading it. Hey I saw some people I know in the comments a few posts back. I was all, “What in the world are they doing in here!”

    My sister is here in town. One of the economics blogs I read is by a young woman in D.C. who is vegan, although I think something like 1% of the population is truly living vegan (kind of the hard core Christianity of the food world).

    I think that’s a tough path to go… I am probably trying to move toward Flexitarianism.

    I was also reading something about the debate over honey eating by vegans.

  2. I would love to see your African Cuisine cookbook. I have a nigerian cookbook that was sent to me by a Nigerian penpal when I was a kid. I’ll try to remember to bring that to show you.

  3. The tree that fell in the forest was none of my doing, it was like that when I got there, or at least by the time I noticed the tree it was not vertical. As an economic vegan, I’m not up to dining on felled trees. Am thrilled with the fig or two from the yard and the blackberrys by the street.

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