Accomplishing Stuff

Missions accomplished.  I had a long list of things that needed attention today, and I made it through most of them.  My list ranged from phone calls to knitting.  I knitted another block for the niece’s blanket and mulled over the finishing details.  I think I’ll crochet between the panels.  I haven’t finished one that way before and it will add the width that I need.  There’s only one more panel to complete before I’m ready for that. 


Tonight, with the “work” behind me, I’m knitting on a project that I started months ago and then lost.  Somehow I forgot that I put it away in a basket in my living room.  I rediscovered it today and I’m adding some inches to the length.  It’s a Noro Kureyon tote bag that will be felted.  Right now the base measures 5 x 16 inches, and I plan to add another eight inches to the existing 16 for the length.  I turned up the base so you can see that it is a separate rectangle, knitted perpendicular to the body.  I knitted the base first, then picked up and knitted stitches around it’s perimeter.  I love how the narrow base has very wide stripes, and the wide body of the bag stretches them out to skinny stripes.  The colors are vivid and the yarn is rather rough, so it’s not my choice for something to wear.  It’s perfect for a bag.  It will last forever.  Noro is like comfort food to me.  I get comfort from handling their exquisitely blended colors.  The first two toes on my right foot made it into the photo.  Can you see them? 



I was ashamed to notice that Etsy has changed some of the features on the posting software.  It’s been a couple of months since I added anything to my store, and there have been some modifications to make it more streamlined.  It was a reminder to me that I’ve been neglecting the store (, and I was happy to completely add five products.  I have another ten or so to add, but I’m not trying to fix my world in a day.  What I really need to aim for is having something new to post four or five times per week.  I did some updating.  Some unloved products (unloved by me, primarily) were removed from inventory and they will be donated to serve a useful purpose. 


This ability to act gradually sneaks in as my flares go away, until I suddenly find myself able to do chores that I’d neglected for weeks or months.  I love it.  I think I was raised to “get things done”.  My mom used to wake us on Saturday morning with a list of chores.  She would come into our room singing opera and annoying the heck out of us.  I’d wonder why I had to get up when we were free all day.  Next thing, I’d be eating breakfast and anticipating a morning of ironing and dusting and straightening my room.  I usually didn’t rush doing those tasks, because I kind of enjoyed the process.  Don’t tell anyone I said that.  It’s like the finishing work on a knitted piece – kind of peaceful and pleasing to perform. 


The ability to relax and enjoy the most mundane activity is really a blessing.  Some people think it makes one a boring person, but it actually makes you a person who will never be bored.  If all else fails, I can move into my head and distract myself from the task. 


I’ll continue with another list tomorrow.  I have donations to drop off at a church, yarn donations to mail, groceries to buy…




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