Knitting Sample Pieces

This evening I completed the sample I’ve been knitting.  Samples are always top secret.  They are some of the most challenging knitting for me, and they have forced me to learn new techniques and attack patterns that I would not have otherwise chosen.  I’ve enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone, and I’ve never been disappointed by the product.  It’s also been a good way to discover some beautiful yarns, like’s Superwash Bamboo.  It is a wool/bamboo combo that is baby-soft and in gorgeous colours.  I have a sizeable stash in winterberry and praline and a gorgeous green and NO you may not share.  I am a bear about yarns that I haven’t yet used for myself.  I can be very generous with one that I’ve tested and used in a completed project, but I can’t share from the top of the stash.  Besides, if you haven’t ordered from, you need the experience.  I’m a steady customer. 


I guess I didn’t explain what a sample is.  You know that yarn companies and knitwear designers sell patterns, sometimes singly, sometimes in collections that are published in books.  One’s patterns are a copyrighted commodity, given or sold only for personal use.  Some designers use knitters to test their patterns and give feedback on accuracy and knitability.  In addition, samples are knit so that there is a finished product to advertise the pattern.  Doubtful that any of us would buy a pattern that was advertised with a title and the message:  “This pattern hasn’t been knit so there’s no photo, but I think it’s going to be a hip-length tunic with raglan sleeves and a side cable.  Probably a beauty.” 


Anyway, another sample done.  I’m proud of the work and I’ll point it out when it is published. 


Creeping toward improvement even as I drop my prednisone dose.  As it should be.




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  1. Sometimes I am in total aww of your ability to knit at all… there are days when i can’t feed myself but yet you knit. Its amazing. Good luck with the steroid taper… I currenlty stuck at 30mgs a day.. and waiting for my medicaid to go thru so I can see an acutal rehumy.

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