Knitting Update, Sort Of

I am knitting!  I mean I went to knitting group!  I’ve missed at least three weeks, but this week I made it.  It’s one of the most fun things in my week, and I can count on it being fun every time.  Today a knitter brought Simply Knitting, a knitting mag from the UK.  I’m in love.  It contains 14 patterns (good deal for $10), has a freebie inside (a pair of straight needles this time), and has a nice sturdy construction.  Most knitting mags are deadly serious, but this one has a crossword puzzle (already worked it) and contests and stuff that’s just for fun.  I love the pattern format.  They have the pattern right with the photo, instead of stuck in the back somewhere.  There are lots of detail photos and little hints about construction.  It comes out monthly, and I’m going to be looking for it. 


I’m almost done with a major project, and I’m excited to return to the lace tee I was making for my daughter.  Today I saw the lace expert and asked what to do about the decreased area.  I was trying to guesstimate where the pattern would land after each decrease, and it wasn’t working.  The pattern was visibly disrupted.  Now I know two ways I can handle that and keep the pattern right.  The rest of that tee ought to be done in short order.


I ordered yarn for yet another project, one that has been requested.  I’ve been disappointed to see that my order wasn’t mailed for ten days.  Whenever I have a contract, I like to be swatching as soon as possible.  It will not be a hard project and I get to design it.  Since it’s for a little girl, it can be interesting and delicate and a little intricate. 


I’ve been looking at my yarn stash, content that I really do have enough yarn in my house for current and future plans.  I have to go back through periodically and fall in love with my supplies.  I could spend all my time knitting, but I haven’t been tending my store and that has to change.  Regular Etsy attention is going to be scheduled starting on Monday.  I don’t do well with spurts of activity, bundling all the posting and store maintenance.  It’s in the plan.  I’m happy with the plan. 




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  1. I am so glad you got to go the group today…I can’t wait for the new sweater!!!! Thank you so much for doing it!

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