Thursday Counts

Random numbers from Thursday:

2 sister conversations

1 avocado eaten

3 cups oatmeal made

4 Indian dishes ordered because…

…3 people shared dinner

5 stores called to locate large rolling duffle

3 clerks didn’t know their merchandise

2 clerks unhelpful

2 duffles purchased

2 books my daughter is reading

30 minutes talking to best friend

2 surprises in best friend conversation

4 trips to laundry room

1 trip to craft room

0 trips outdoors

2 episodes of Murder, She Wrote watched

1 great idea about moving daughter to school

0 items packed for daughter or by daughter

1 trip upstairs (the second this month)

30 minutes recovering from trip upstairs

13 seconds peeking in attic to look for duffle

2 sweater seams completed

2 sweater seams to go

47 minutes of excitement at project finishing

1 realisation that I enjoy finishing work

12 cubbies of yarn visible from my bed

1 skein of bright green hand-dyed merino waiting for my loving attention

6 seconds fondling green merino

1 sore spot in rib attack

0 flares expected after I get out of this one

1 flutillion “peace” greetings in my history




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