Gardens and Photos on Two Circular Needles

This is the first bell pepper on the pepper plant.  It is about three inches long.  Two days ago it was the size of a thimble, but in the perfect pepper shape.  There are also several oblong jalapenos on it’s neighbor.  Chris tasted one and said it’s fiery.  My little rolling cart is in the background. 

These tomatoes are a very deep green at the top, lighter green underneath.  They are Carmels.  Can’t wait to see what the final product looks like.  I have literally dozens of green tomatoes on various plants now.  We’ve begun to eat them.  This is what heaven tastes like:  diced tomatoes and diced avocado with ginger dressing.  Dayna invented that salad.  Thank goodness they taught her to share in preschool.

 The last night of reunion, we had an impromptu talent show.  One niece is a bellydancer who has performed in many productions and she gave a performance full of subtlety and grace.  Some of her movements were the most delicate, flirty hip shakes, not the ferociously vigorous movements that you see in some styles of bellydance.  My dad was imitating her the next morning at breakfast, waving his hands in front of him and shaking his shoulders.  His version looked more like a hula.

This is my foot on the carpet at Cass Spa and Salon today.  Dayna and I went for haircuts and enjoyed our leisurely stay.  For some reason, they let me sit in the special lounge close to where Dayna was, instead of leaving me in the waiting room (which is also quite nice).  I couldn’t resist taking photos.  You can see I was wearing my classy Journeys sneakers.  Of course our haircuts were a success.  We look chic.  Mine is very short with a sassy shape.  Dayna looks like one of those hair models in Shear Genius, long layers and side-swept bangs. 

 Ignore the haircut on the woman  in this photo.  It’s the “before” version.  That’s me with my knitting nephew.  He requested that I teach him to knit a cap, so he was learning the two circulars method.  He had several inches on a cap when we left.  Prior to this, he could only knit scarves and blankets.  He made a nice piece of money from his classmates and friends over the past two years.  My second sister, his grandmother, taught him to knit.  He’s fast. 


The same nephew is also fast at speed Scrabble.  He whipped me badly most games.  Today I taught Chris to play.  I’m having a brief respite from humiliation while he learns the game and gets up to speed.  It’s kind of fun to play at a slower pace, where I can experiment with longer and more effective words and interesting arrangements.  Just as when I was learning, Dayna played as his partner, coaching and helping him get used to the less-structured, ever-changing matrix. 


Tomorrow I am going to be strong and my endurance will improve.  I must stand at the sink and blocking area and work on some completed knitting that just needs the finishing.  I hate being stalled at this spot, because no one else can do it besides me, and I am itching to see the end product.  Meanwhile, I’ve sat still and had my fevers (even at the salon) and knitted on blanket strips. 




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