Reunion…Just the Summary, Folks

Reunion was so wonderful that I cannot write just one post about it.  All I can do today is start by summarizing some of the high points.  Over the next few days you’ll hear many more stories and reactions about the event.


Five great things about reunion:

1.  This was the first time that it was only us sisters and our children (and grandchildren).  There was a closeness and camaraderie that I haven’t noted at earlier reunions, and a commonality of purpose.


2.  I attended an orientation for a Landmark seminar, and learned something very important about myself.  More to come.  For now, just call me optimistic.


3.  Our hotel turned into a great accommodation for us to be together, with common spaces that really worked, and a lovely attitude towards us congregating there.


4.  I had every support that I needed in order to enjoy myself and spend time with everyone who attended.


5.  I felt like we included the parents well, having them come down for one night and concentrating our efforts around them while they were there.  Their visit included dinner together, a marvel of a family talent show, and breakfast the next day, and the parents were delighted. 


Back home, the tomatoes are thriving and I have picked seven today.  For the first time, I can see peppers on the pepper plants.  I drove home yesterday and I feel pretty good today.  I haven’t had to take to bed or be particularly slow since I arrived home.  Looking forward to more B cell killing this week, and lots of knitting. 



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