Traveling Nutrition with Family Participation

My dog totally dissed me today.  As we headed out to the family reunion, we dropped off the dog with her favorite person, my friend who can speak dog fluently.  Lucy never looked back.  We called her name, stroked her back, tried to get her attention, but she wouldn’t even turn her head our way.  Disgusting.  She doesn’t have to be so blatant about it.  She could pretend that she has seven-plus years of affection for us.  I want to know if she’s considered who will push her wheelchair when she’s old.  Hmmph. 


Today, I called a nutritionist for an appointment.  She asked me a dozen questions about my eating habits and chocies.  When I said I was a vegetarian most of the time, but ate a little fish, she said “so you’ll be getting all your protein from fish?”  Hmm.  Hope she works with other vegetarians.  I want to get back to a fully vegetarian diet and I don’t mind giving up fish.  I’ll get my omega 3s from flaxseed meal.  I have to turn the kids loose to feed themselves and concentrate on what works for me.  If I’m really getting better from this flare, I’ll be able to exercise a little soon, and I am tring to line up all the systems and coax this body into better shape.  Whew, what a job.  Might have to hire some help.  Oh yeah, that’s what the nutritionist is-some help.  The first consultation is only $40 for an hour!  No wonder I had a hard time finding a local RD (registered dietitian).  No one could run a solo business like that.  Gotta be on salary.  In this current obesity epidemic, they should be making googobs of money. 


We arrived at family reunion central this evening.  I was only in the lobby five minutes before four family members came running up for hugs.  One of the kids speculated that I must be 67 now.  I’m gonna short-sheet his bed!  Damn.  He’s not four feet tall, won’t even notice.  It’s totally fun to have Woods relations drifting in and out of our room, calling each other on the phone, checking to see who’s not here yet.  Everyone’s sharing info about the hotel, asking what is scheduled and where we can go.  I’m distributing sheets with our scheduled activities and a list of Atlanta attractions.  In this rough economy, we are concentrating on inexpensive dining and activities.  I learned a lot from compiling the list.  For instance, the High Museum has a pretty stiff admission fee, but it has photography and folk art collections at a separate location in the Georgia-Pacific building that can be viewed for free.  All the Martin Luther King Jr. exhibits at the memorial site are free.  The Stone Mountain laserlight show is a bargain at $8 per car, no matter how many folks you cram into it. 


One characteristic of the Woods clan is that we all seem to be big puzzle and game people.  Everyone who drives here will have a bag of games and cards and other stuff for communal enjoyment.  (The ones who fly in are lucky to have a paperback book and deck of cards.)  The children are admitted into the games as soon as they are able to push a piece around the board.  Already a group has started a Scrabble marathon in the lounge. 


The hotel put us in a handicapped room.  I didn’t request it, but it’s great!  A little more maneuvering space, huge bathroom, electrical outlets at table height…don’t need a wheelchair to appreciate this. 


Going to knit a little now.  No hotel can be temporary home until I’ve done some knitting. 




2 Responses

  1. Is there any association with wheat having to do with your flares? Seems like I asked you about this before. I keep coming back to wanting to know the reason for the immune system to go wacky and attack the body. Something must be triggering it…have you seen any association with food and the way you feel? Maybe this nutritionist isn’t the best one to go to…has she never heard of beans?

  2. I just pictured those events where they try to stuff as many people as possible into a phone booth and thought of that car driving into that show!!

    My favorite all time game to play with the kids is Mind Trap. Has your family played it before?

    And….I have been going to the doctor off and on for over a year complaining of pain in my legs…bone crushing pain….but only at night when I try to sleep. They made me feel like I was crazy. Well….somehow I came across a website on restless leg syndrome and guess what…Voila…..described my episodes to a “T”. I’ve had xrays, blood tests…on and on and on…and doctors looking at me like I’m a fruit cake or a druggie when I ask for something for the pain. I don’t expect it to go away but at least I’m not crazy….well, maybe a bit…

    Have a great visit with your family. I will send your package off on Friday.

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