Early B Cell Death

People!  A physical improvement today has me feeling so much brighter.  My personal sun has been shining all day.  I’m less stiff and in a bit less pain, and that makes moving around easier and less taxing.  The consequence of this is that I’ve tackled some jobs I didn’t think I’d get to for a while-cleaning out jobs that leave me feeling less cluttered in my brain as well as my home.  I put a little stool in my living room and plopped down in front of a yarn shelf and a big box of yarn and unfinished projects.  I sorted through the box, sending things to either the shelf, the prison yarn project box, or the trash.  That done, I went to my craft room which is dangerously overloaded and tackled another box of yarn and miscellaneous unfinished stuff.  Again, a three-way sort, with a few balls salvaged to shelve and the rest divided between prison and trash.  Barely a dent in the clutter I need to attack, but just like B cell death, a start.


Julian popped up again on his way back to his college town.  It was lots of fun seeing him and an old friend of his that I adore.  That was an unexpected treat.  We were all at home most of the day, and I enjoyed that.  I spent my time with them knitting and playing games online.  Julian propped up next to me to help with a word game; we were a fierce team, playing against lots of online competitors. 


I just stepped out on my porch in the humidity and heat to check my tomatoes.  In the dim porch light I didn’t see any tomatoes with red, but the number of tomatoes on the vine is astounding.  On one of the black plums, the tomatoes are hanging in clusters of up to six.  Every plant has tomatoes, even the two that I think I’m losing.  I’ve picked five so far, but the next two weeks are going to multiply that many times.  Due to the suspicion of Salmonella infestation we’ve eaten fewer tomatoes this summer than usual.  I can’t wait ’til it tastes like a real summer.


I had a special chemocap to work on today.  My in-laws have a friend at church who will begin chemotherapy soon, and he isn’t looking forward to losing his hair.  He told them he needs caps that are interesting and unusual.  I chose a Panda Cotton sock yarn to knit him a cap.  I’m about halfway to the dome.  I’ll photograph and show it tomorrow. 


This fireworks thing has turned into a real frustration.  This is the third night that we’ve had to listen to them.  Last night was like a full performance again, lasting two hours.  Someone set off sizzling sparklers in my back yard; I could hear them, and my daughter collected four burnt sticks this morning.  I was hopeful of letting my dog have her peaceful time in the yard tonight, but they are still at it.  At this point, we are beyond rudeness.  There’s nothing acceptable in making loud noises throughout the neighborhood at 11 o’clock on a work night. 


I’m expecting a busy today tomorrow.  Death to B cells!  Okay, I’ll stop my noise right now. 




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  1. Good to hear you’re feeling better! We missed you Saturday.

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