Difficult, Satisfying Days

A difficult day is also difficult to write about.  I prefer not to list each pain and quantify it; suffice it to say things hurt and I wasn’t good at putting it out of my mind.  My daughter helped me in every way she could-laying her warm little hands on sore wrists, placing cool drink cans on my back to relieve the feverishness, running errands and preparing meals.  She has decided that her job for the summer is to be my nurse and business helper, and she is good in both roles.  Moreover, she says she enjoys us being together, and from her comfort and demeanor, I believe her.  That is more relief than anything-the knowledge that I am not being a burden.  I treasure her company and this enormous gift of care.


I had a bit of activity this evening, making strawberry muffins for the household.  Later, my girl requested tofu (!) and asked did we have vegetables to cook with it (! again).  She accompanied me to the kitchen and found bell peppers and onion to put in the tofu.  I made a quick sautee in olive oil and a bit of sesame oil, seasoned with curry and a splash of Braggs aminos.  I was happy to do something useful.  Sometimes we show love with such little services.


Part of my daughter’s business work was photographing a pile of completed items for the store.  When she completed this Monday, I didn’t have the energy to start posting them.  I plan to start that tomorrow.  If I get one item posted per day, at least that gives me some presence in recently posted categories.  I haven’t done anything to draw attention to my store lately.  For shame!  Good old www.Essiewb.etsy.com must be refreshed and put to work! 

Thanks to my son, we have a new compost bin.  I called most of the hardware stores in town to no avail, although they all offered to order one for me.  Then I started on the lawn and garden suppliers, and found more than I had hoped.  The Ooltewah Garden Center had a large bin with a stand on which it could rotate and a door and vents – way fancier than our previous system, and sure to make our composting faster.  The son made the purchase and did the set-up, then transferred all our unfinished compost to the new container.  We’ve had this son home for three days, a real pleasure for everyone.  He’ll go see his real family for the remainder of the week, then return to the town where he goes to college so he can resume his job.  It’s nice to see him maturing, talking about his work and the independence he has at the gym where he teaches cheering and gymnastics.  The host son who is living in the house this summer was hired today, another major cause for celebration.  I am fortunate with all my kids.  I’ve got another coming next month, a long story for later. 


I did lots of knitting today.  Another chemocap is on the needles, as well as the sample I’m knitting.  The oncology center is going to put them in goody bags that they are making up for their patients.  Perfect timing.  I’m more excited than ever to take them a good-sized pile. 


It occurs to me that there were lots of good things in this difficult day.  “Difficult” may only mean that I have to work a little harder to get to the satisfying, memorable events of the day.  It’s all good.




2 Responses

  1. I am sorry it was a bit difficult…but your lovely daughter is such an angel, isn’t she? My niece has it fixed in her mind that she wants a pink, knitted sweater. She seems to think me or my mother can do such a thing….do you do little girl sweaters? In pink? email me about your rates and how much time you need…she is 5 and the size of a 4 year old…

  2. And is your etsy site on this blog?

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