Home, Where My Love Lies Waiting…

Okay, wishful thinking!  but yes, I’m home!  home!  home!   Love that word and the feeling of walking into my door and putting my stuff down and running a real bath in my own tub.  I feel so out of touch.  Our wireless service at the vacation house was killed by a storm Wednesday night, and after that I was unable to check email or blog.  I kept thinking, “it’s only three days,” but the reality of having my line cut was dreadful. 


I had 445 emails waiting for me.  I’ve waded through the pile and cut it down to a manageable 274, and now I have to take some meds and get some sleep.  Yes, the flare is definitely here.  No, I probably won’t die of this one.  Yes, I promise to write something substantive (or at least wordy) tomorrow because I’ve got “so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to saa-ay”, like Dave Matthews, who sang to me my entire driving shift coming home.  I’ve even got pictures to show.  I’ll have a regular show and tell tomorrow, best people. 




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