Post 194 and Counting

I’m reading a book that is frightening.  Child 44, Tom Rob Smith’s first novel, is set in cold war Soviet Union, and focuses on a law enforcement officer.  The required, institutionalized lack of trust and innocence in this system is the diametric opposite of our American judicial presumption.  The justifications for this point of view are oddly logical, and it isn’t difficult to understand how the enforcers are brain-washed into believing and carrying out their objectives.  I’m only half-finished.  I’ve been mesmerized all afternoon. 


I’m reading here, in this townhouse at the beach.  It’s a great setting for catching up reading and knitting without distraction.  I have yarn stores to visit in Panama City and Ft. Walton, green lace and green baby dresses to knit, and chemocaps to design.  I packed five books, just in case; I hate to run out of reading.  I was reassured to know my daughter packed a stack of books too; we may need to trade. 


The townhouse was a find.  When you get on line to hunt beach properties that you’d like to visit three days hence, you are lucky to find something suitable.  This is even better-it meets my desires and my budget, it’s in the right location on the Gulf coast, and my contacts with the owner have been lovely.  “Our place” for the week has two nice-sized bedrooms, a large living room/dining room, and a spacious kitchen.  All the essentials are here, including patio and balcony, beachy decorating, and three bathrooms.  Okay, maybe three bathrooms aren’t truly required, but I hate sharing and I hate running from one floor to the other.  Parking is right in front of the door, something I miss when we get high-rise condos.  Publix is 10 minutes down 98.  What more could I ask? 


I’m learning something sleeping here.  The mattress on my king is very firm, and I slept like a dream.  I think I could do better to have a firmer mattress at home.  I’ve debated this before, but I haven’t had a harder mattress to sleep on and try it out, until now. 


Yesterday the drive down was complicated by a ferocious thunderstorm with pounding rain.  It was my turn to drive, and I was glad that it hadn’t caught either of the less experienced drivers who are my travel partners.  They both have considerable highway experience now, and were invaluable as navigators, but I didn’t want to subject them to all that water on less than optimum roads, or to the poor visibility.  At one point I had to pull over and wait out the worst of the storm.   


When we arrive at the beach, we have to make that all-important stocking-up trip to the grocery store.  We sent one member out this morning to get the most critical things, but my daughter and I made the more thorough trip to Publix this evening.  Now we have plenty of canned water (can’t drink the salty stuff that comes out of the faucet), pasta and sauce, sunblock, and a set of bowls to satisfy my cooking needs.  I’ve never stayed in a beach house that fully anticipated my need to bake.  This one has the pans, but not the bowls.  I stirred up some muffins this morning using a pan for my bowl.  There was one more staple to purchase.  I packed most of them, including a bag of coffee.  To my dismay, it turned out to be beans, and I didn’t pack the grinder.  Bless the owners for providing that first pot of coffee via a neat little pack on the counter.  Now I have Starbucks Italian Roast to follow it.  Sipping now.  Oh yeah. 


Yes, I’m still on the path to a flare.  Yes, I’m paying attention and doing what I’m supposed to do for this body.  I am blessed to have the greatest help in the world.  The older my daughter gets, the more she anticipates what I need on expeditions like this.  I don’t even have the worries of leaving my house behind.  Our neighbors are watching it, taking in mail, watering the crops, even going in to hunt for shoes to borrow today.  We have great neighbors, too. 


If you haven’t done so, take a minute to check out some of the comments that have come in this month.  There are some interesting thoughts piling up in that comment bin.  I love reading them.  I don’t know if I could have this conversation daily if no one was listening. 




5 Responses

  1. Are you saying you rented that less than a week before you got there? Wow to you! I just read a book about a research lab in Cambridge, Intuition by Allegra Goodman, that you might enjoy. A review likened her to Jane Austen, which I can see.

    Have a good time. It sounds as though you are already!

  2. Hi Neighbor! We’re right down the road from you (Gulf Shores, AL – Fort Morgan area)! There are 14 of us, and we have both sides of a duplex – 5 BR, 3 1/12 baths on each side. Enjoy your reading time!

  3. We are safe! We don’t allow the slightest disturbance to pass unannounced! We love our cookies! (interpreted from the canine masses)

  4. So glad you all are well situated! Have a blast!

  5. That sounds like fun. When we used to go to this place in Pennsylvania during the summer, it was always fun hitting the local supermarket and seeing the odd brands. The simplest foods seemed to taste better cooked in a different place.

    Don’t be looking at those guys in the speedos.

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