Knitting Towards the Flare

This approaching flare thing is kind of interesting.  I can see symptoms beginning, gradually increasing, and becoming a problem.  It must be that regeneration of the B-cell population doesn’t occur all at once, so the level of inflammation gradually increases and affects more areas of the body.  Previously, I would flare by suddenly waking up with severe leg stiffness or brand new pains.  Right now, I’m having this progression from sore feet to stiff hands to painful knees to feverish feeling. 


This is the problem with being a physician who is also a patient:  you spend too much time observing your symptoms and appreciating the parameters and presentation of them.  Two years ago, I had a blood clot in my arm.  It began with an IV site in the forearm and spread all the way up my arm to the cephalic vein at the front of my shoulder.  At the same time as I was suffering from the pain and swelling, I was totally intrigued.  I had never had a patient with a thrombosus in an arm (legs are a more common site by at least 7:1), and I wanted to learn from it.  I found myself feeling that hard, lumpy length of vein over and over, memorizing the feel of it.  I stood in the mirror and compared the size of the swollen arm to the normal one.  I stared at the screen and listened to the flow sounds when I had the Dopper study to determine the extent of the clot.  I was totally entertained. 


I’ve done more than contemplate symptoms today.  I have also worked on the lace shirt.  It now measures at least three inches longer than it did when I frogged it.  The decrease rows go faster and faster.  I will finish the back this weekend.  I also worked on my second Obama banner.  I’ve knitted the background, tomorrow I can start duplicate stitching.  I looked on Etsy for Obama gear and there was a nice-huge, actually-selection of buttons and jewelry and t-shirts and art, but nothing like my knitted things.  Sometimes you can slide into a little niche with a unique product.


I’m not really writing today.  This is just the briefest of updates.  I’ve promised that I will get extra sleep for this early flare, and I like to keep my promises to myself (and others, too, but especially to me).  I finished The Immortal today, and I’m looking forward to picking up a new book tomorrow.  Opening a new work holds some magic for me.  Don’t get me started talking about reading. 




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