Knitting Obama

I’ve been threatening to knit that Obama banner, and today I did it.  But before you see my unfinished work, check this out: .  At Naked Sheep you can buy a kit to make socks that declare your Obama support.  The price is very reasonable, and it’s not a difficult knit.  I love creating things to show my support.  Anyway, today I got out some Lite Lopi and knitted a simple intarsia block.  It originally measured 22 x 8 inches.  After felting, it measures about 16 x 5 inches.  Here is the before and after:


It is still wet.  When it dries, I will trim it.  Remind me not to photograph blue on a bright red background.  I’m surprised at my own excitement over this.  I waited until it was certain that Senator Obama would be the nominee, because it would have been too disappointing to put lots of work in and then have him not make it to the big election.  I plan to put some “OBAMA” patches in my store.  Some will be felted, some will be knitted and duplicate stitched. 


We went on a fieldtrip today to an urban farm, Crabtree Farms (  It’s ten minutes from downtown Chattanooga, very close to a project and a low-income neighborhood, and produces organically grown crops for sale and for educational purposes.  It also has camps for kids and “pick-your-own” opportunities, as well as cooking and planting classes.  We were running late and the farm stand guy (who told us he had just come from slaughtering pigs for a pig roast Saturday) was nice enough to keep the stand open for a few minutes.  We came away with a bunch of turnips, some sage and rosemary, and some huge yellow squash.  Week after next it’ll be time to pick blueberries.  Oops, left out the chubby little eggplants, or aubergines as I learned today.   


New restaurant today:  a cute cafe called Out of the Blue.  It’s in Brainerd, a neighborhood that has slowly been revitalizing (not fast enough, if you ask me).  It’s one of the most convenient neighborhoods in the city, with access to downtown in 15 minutes, and a great mix of business and residential.  I lived in Brainerd when I was in high school, and of course I didn’t appreciate it then, but I could make the decision to move back in about 3 seconds.  Back to the restaurant.  It was open and bright and decorated in a clean, fresh style.  I loved the deep blue glassware and white tables.  One corner of the main room housed a huge assortment of kites for sale, and the whole place was decorated with kites.   Good breakfast and lunch selections ranging from a southwestern chicken soup to quiche with fresh fruit, but it was hard to take our eyes off the bakery case with fresh-baked cookies and lemon squares and muffins…totally drool territory. 


Gotta make some sleep tonight.  I promised the doc I would be extra-careful, with this impending flare.  I’m ready to sit back and knit.








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  1. That’s impressive. Well done!

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