A Better Sort of Day

We’ve had the coolest day.  You might even say it was crunk.  (I’m trying to learn some new vocabulary words.  I’m not sure if this one is on the word-a-day calendar yet, but I’ve heard it at home.)  I spent two hours at a place I love dearly, the place where I started and ended my medical career:  Dodson Avenue Community Health Center ( www.erlanger.org/visitors/about_da.asp )  I cruised around the entire building, starting at Registration, moving on to Adult Medicine, followed by the Dental suite, then Pediatrics, and finally the Ob-Gyn corner.  My old friends were everywhere.  I did more hugging and talking and smiling than in all of the last month. 


I wish I could say that I was not affected by being at the Health Center, but the moment I was in the parking lot, I was homesick.  I couldn’t walk down the hall without still feeling a connection to the place.  I was proud and fulfilled as a member of that staff.  Community medicine, working with people of limited means, had tremendous daily rewards.  I loved my days there, even when I was overloaded with patients.  I did my share of complaining about the burdensome registration process of each and every patient on every visit, a Health and Human Services reqirement.  Sometimes I fussed about the physical plant, adequate but not generous in most areas.  I loved the fact that we had everything under one roof, including an excellent laboratory and x-ray facilities.  I was happy to see a number of physicians and mid-level practitioners who had been on staff for years.  Continuity of care, and familiarity with the milieu are important currency for providing good care, and the long-time guys have that. 


We had to do lots of catching up today.  How are your kids, your parents, your dogs…What?  20 already?  In New York?  The last graduation?  Marine biology?  Drums?  That far, hunh…Any time now…Sure, doing great!  Still alive, aren’t we?!  Grand!!!


And that was not the end of my great day.  We had cooking lessons this evening, with Chris teaching Dayna.  He coached her through the prep on one dish while I fixed another.  I think the kitchen grew a bit to accommodate three cooks.  There were no collisions.  We had great fun and a marvelous dinner.  Some family times are so ordinary that we almost miss the pleasure they bring.  I love being here, in this time, with these people.  It’s my favorite thing-being alive.




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  1. That’s rare to be able to return “home” to a job, and look around and see some of the same faces and feel rewarded in that manner. So rare.

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