A Lace-Ripping Vacation Dream

People who don’t knit often say “I could never learn.  I’m not patient enough.”  The standard knitterly reply is “Knitting will teach you patience.”  Lesson time!  Remember that lovely green lace I showed off last week (https://essiewb.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/tomatoes-sneezes-and-knitting-lace-in-public/)?  Today I finished the straight part of the back and started the decreases which take place on either side, leading up to a point.  I was a few rows into the decreases, and had about 8 inches completed.  I noticed that I had two right sides.  Not good.  Actually, half of the “right side” of the knitting was on one side, and the other half was on the other side.  Somewhere in this processs I knitted two lace pattern rows without the intervening purl row.  I could see exactly where I went wrong, but I couldn’t just ravel it back to that row.  Lace is notoriously hard to pick up when you try to do that.  I had seen one lace knitter use temporary yarn to mark rows periodically, but I’d never asked how she did that, more’s the pity.  (I didn’t ask because I couldn’t see myself knitting lace any time soon.  Hah!)


Starting from the beginning is not so bad.  The pattern is familiar, mostly memorized now.  My speed with the classic lace moves has improved.  I’m sure I’ll get back that eight inches in half the time of the first attempt.  And I’ll know this time to make sure which side I’m knitting on.  No.  I am not posting a photo of the inch that’s on the needles right now.


I’ve been seeing a trip in my future.  Today I decided to make it happen.  I made a reservation, and in the not-too-distant future we’ll head for the Gulf Coast.  The house will be taken care of, the dog has a sitter, and I have a specific date to dangle in front of myself.  Sometimes a carrot helps me keep moving forward.  This particular carrot comes with sand and ocean air and new territory for exploring yarn stores.  A bit of peace. 


Yeah, peace. 




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  1. Have a blast! Take a big inhale of that beach air for me!

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