Lupus Flare Practice

I hate it when God makes jokes.  Yesterday, torture.  Today, I can’t remember what it felt like.  My usual back and foot stuff today, but definitely no flare.  So I guess yesterday was just, mmm, flare practice.  So I won’t forget what they feel like.  Yeah, that’s it. 


Hey.  One of the essentials for this 15 years of lupus has been to know that I won’t get an explanation for every symptom and physical sign.  Take the right foot.  I still have pain around the cuboid bone on the lateral foot.  It’s not excrutiating, but it’s still there.  I had an MRI this week that showed swelling.  Period.  Well, the swelling isn’t making it hurt, but what is…?  Total mystery. 


If they thought I was swollen Wednesday, they’d really get a picture today.  I went to both stages of our KIP, both locations, and I sat and knitted with my buddies for a good five hours.  My feet and legs are plump with edema, but it was worth it.  I had a great time.  We ended at the Greenlife Grocery.  I forgot that they have a wonderful wine shop, The Vine.  I decided to purchase some gifts for an upcoming holiday (guess which one!) there.  I was shopping with another knitting partner, and she and I had fun finding oddly-named beverages.  I had hoped to buy some cans of champagne (the ultimate tacky) but they were out.  Shux.  My lunch at Greenlife was Thai Dumplings.  They were vegetarian.  Delicious.  I saved half and finished them tonight. 


It was nice spending the day with knitters.  We meandered through conversations like we were taking a long walk in a meadow of high grass.  I took a hat to knit.  I’d started it from Alchemy’s Wabi Sabi yesterday, a nice sideways knit with short rows shaping the dome.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, it needed more than one skein of Wabi Sabi.  Hmm.  Should a beautiful yarn be named for an aesthetic that values the transient?  I kind of hope my handknits will last a while.  Anyway, I took it with me this morning, took the end loose, and used it to begin again.  After about a dozen rows, I realized that my shorter version of this hat wasn’t going to be attractive.  Big ripping out.  The third time was the charm.  I’ll have to photograph it and show you.  The yarn was fabulous to knit.  I have two more skeins in shades of purple, hopefully to be mitts in the near future.


It’s a big night for culture.  I’m watching My Name is Earl on the teevee.  They’re having a grocery-bagging contest.  I love sports. 




2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you were flare-less; it is always a good knit-in with your insights. I learn a lot, and come away with things to think about.

    Fyi: next time, there are four very comfortable club chairs tucked away upstairs at Greenlife . . .

    Champagne in cans! I never heard of such a thing.

  2. I love Earl…he reminds me of the people I grew up with!! Missed you all last weekend…but heard it was a blast…

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