Chattanooga WWKIP Day – Time to Weigh In

Okay folks, we need some decisions here, and I don’t want to make them by myself.  I got an email from the official approver-person at Greenlife Grocery saying we are welcome in their foodcourt for our get-together.  She says

“As long as you ladies (and possibly gentleman) don’t get too crazy and start trouble I think it will be fine. The last time I attended a knitters circle it got out of control fast.  O.k. enough jokes here. Your group is more than welcome to be at Greenlife. Thank you for asking and for letting us know.”

You all know the pros and cons of Niedlov’s v. Greenlife, so let me hear from you in the next two days and on Monday – the grand announcement!  Feel free to leave comments campaigning for your choice.  Wow, Obama’s sure got me in the democratic spirit! 

The buttons are on their way. They’ll arrive in plenty of time for the Knit in Public.  By the way, if you want to join us and crochet or sew in public, that’s cool too!  Remember, the big day is Saturday, June 14.





3 Responses

  1. I’m wherever the majority wants; so I guess that’s kind of meaningless, isn’t it? Not much of a vote, but there it is. I guess it’s up to others to decide, and I will park myself where the group is.

  2. Test comment.

  3. Me, too, tut-tut.

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