World Wide Knit in Public Day, Further Planning

I see from the comments that I am not the only one who avoids Tennessee’s largest mall.  It is so true that, especially with school out, a Saturday morning will be painful there.  I have a duh kind of suggestion.  Niedlov’s Breadworks is in public.  How about we meet there and bring our knitting?  We can enjoy breakfast, and maybe lunch too.  They have addicting cookies, the best pasta salad in the world (no mayo and lots of little inobtrusive veggie pieces), and I’ve heard the staff treats knitters well.  How about it?  It’s across the street from the fire station on Main Street.  We might even get lucky and see some good-looking firemen.  If our numbers rise too steeply, we could rotate seats on the street or that grassy mound by the odd sculpture.  I will bring a few lawn chairs.  Um, if we choose this venue, please hold me back from cleaning out all the peanutbutter cookies. 


It might be nice to have a souvenir of WWKIP Day.  Maybe we could do a scarf, each of us bring a leftover and knit a few rows.  It could go to some charitable purpose, either directly or through an eBay auction. 


More about today’s activities later.  Whoo-hoo, blogging twice today! 




3 Responses

  1. A girl on Ravelry has oganizzed a Nashville KIP at Ceninnial Park. It is he weekend of the American Artisan craft fair…so you could knit and shop. Details are on my blog.

  2. Niedlov’s would be okay for me.

  3. Appreciate help from slippingthroughmyfingers note. We are two hours from Nashville, and a lovely city in our own right, deserving of a Chattanooga KIP.

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