Blueberry Election Talk

Omigosh, the ups and down of this day!  My daughter was at Six Flags in Boston, but I was on the roller coaster. 

The Good:  I’ve been enjoying cooking again.  Two days ago it was a blueberry quick bread (whole wheat, pecan meal, flaxseed meal, brown sugar).  Yesterday, oven-roasted potatoes with spicey Mrs. Dash and olive oil.  Today, a tofu quiche (no eggs, lots of chopped red bell pepper, spinach, onions, mushrooms) from the Greenlife Grocery website (  It was my first time looking at recipes on the site, and there are hundreds of them, all healthy, many interesting.  Per instructions, I sauteed the vegetables in olive oil with basil and cilantro before I mixed them with the smooshed, drained tofu.  Loaded all that into a frozen somebody else’s crust and baked it for an hour.  Made another blueberry bread because I gave away a ton of the last one to my family and the out-of-town family people.  The blueberry quick bread has no recipe, but if it did it would go kinda like this: 

Preheat to 375.  Got blueberries?  Good.  If they’re frozen, gently defrost a cup or more.  Gather some combination of flours to equal around two cups.  I use whole wheat plus whatever’s in the refrigerator (barley, oat, rice, soy or the two-fer Lily self-rising that someone mistakenly gave me).   One bowl gets melted Earth Balance or Smart Balance (a sizeable lump), milk (soy in my house), real vanilla extract (only sissies cook with imitation vanilla flavoring), all mixed together.  The other bowl gets flour, a t of baking powder and cinnamon, brown sugar), whatever crushed or chopped nuts you have, some flax seed meal, a dash of salt and mix them together.  Pour the wet into the dry and just barely fold them together with a spoon.  Don’t over-stir.  It should have the consistency of thick batter, not dough.   You can add more milk until it’s right.   Fold in the blueberries.  Pour in a baking pan.  Cook 45-60 minutes, until brown on top and toothpick comes out clean.  You really can’t mess this up.  Variations welcome.

The other Good is that my underarm and the foolish foot thing are almost gone.  I’m back on my bike with no bad symptoms.


The Bad:  I spent at least three hours of this day trying to get AOL off my laptop and then reload it.  Be glad that I don’t have the energy to give you details.  Since I don’t have my AOL, I don’t have my good photo editor.  You can’t see my beautiful photo of the tofu quiche next to the blueberry bread with some purple-skinned garlic for a sweet accent.  And I can’t show you the lovely things I’ve knitted this week and procrastinated about photographing. 


The Plain Old Confusing:  Tut-tut pointed out that some of Hillary’s (can I call you “Hill”, now that you’re not gonna be president?) supporters are saying they will vote for McCain, and that it is incongruous.  Hey, I’m with you.  On the issues, Hillary and Obama were almost indistinguishable, so how would one justify switching from either of them to McCain?  The only explanation I see is pettiness.  Or racism, that big ol’ elephant in the campaign arena (and I don’t mean the Republican elephant). 

While we’re on the election:  I read an interesting article about Barack and his VP choice in Mother Jones Headlines today.  Jonathan Stein brought up some data that kind of puts a damper on the pressure to choose well:  “There is not a lot of evidence that suggests vice presidential candidates make a serious difference (good or bad) for the ticket… One study showed that a veep pick can increase a ticket’s performance by less than one half of one percent in the VP’s home state. Presidential candidates do not assume the assets (or race, or gender) of their running mates, and voters generally focus on the top of the ticket.”  Given that, if I was choosing a running mate for VP, I’d want someone that would knit with me. 

   AND with THAT, she discovered another way to present her photos!!!




4 Responses

  1. I agree with you about the pettiness factor….on all counts.

  2. Just making sure you saw that Oprah is doing a 21-Day Vegan Cleanse!

    Chef Tal Ronnen put together a bunch of recipes using vegan products, like Earth Balance.

    You can check out her whole program & the recipes here:

  3. I’m glad you are back on your bike, and all that cooking talk made me hungry…
    Sorry I can’t make the KIP. I’d love to.

  4. Mmmm. Blueberries, which I used to NOT be able to eat due to the horrors in the original Willie Wonka film.

    The problem with that VP analysis is that it assumes that people will treat this presidential candidate (a black, liberal) exactly the same as others in the past. So analyzing the value of a VP based on the past is pointless, given the data points in this election.

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