Tomatoes, Sneezes, and Knitting Lace in Public

I really should make a big lead-in and build up to telling my best news, but I can’t help blurting it out:  I’m knitting lace!!  When I first began to knit seriously, there was a mental hierarchy of knitting goals.  The things that I both avoided and aspired to were (1) cables, (2) socks and (3) lace.  Now I’ve done them all.  Well, okay, I just started the lace.  But I have gotten my nerve up and learned new stuff. 


I told you I was starting the Leaf Kimono Top from the latest Interweave Knits.  Yesterday I swatched.  Today, I started the back.  I’ve done three repeats of the eight-row lace pattern.  I’m finding that I love knitting lace.  It’s very intellectual knitting.  You have to pay attention, and in some cases use your logic.  My brain sees the lace instructions in phrases.  For instance, this set of stitches:  “yo, k1, sl 2 as if to k2tog, k1, pass 2 slipped sts over, k1, yo, k1” is recorded as “yarn over, knit 1, slip two; knit 1 (has to follow the slip) and pass 2 over; knit 1-yarn over-knit 1 (to precede next yarnover).”  While I am recalling what I’ve memorized, there’s a simultaneous commentary explaining why the stitches go that way.  Crazy, hunh?  This also goes very fast.  My breathing goes with the phrases, the way I used to breathe in time with my running. 


In all that talk, I don’t think I mentioned that this English Lace pattern is beautiful.  Of course it’s not opened up like it will be after blocking.  More to come!     


My axillary (underarm) infection is getting better.  Now there’s a cold vying for my attention.  Pooey.  One of the kids in the house is matching me sneeze for sneeze.  We’ve got plenty of Kleenex and fizzy water. 


I’m thinking Coolidge Park is a great place for an early afternoon knit on June 14.  How about it?  Someone suggested having buttons to wear (and I think to have for anyone who wants to join us).  I went to the World Wide Knit in Public Day website, linked to their shopping page on Cafepress, and scored 30 official minibuttons.  I’ll give them up for a mini-fee.  I feel like I’m opening my coat and saying “Psst, KIP buttons, cheap.”  Talk to me, people.  I’m thinking that as soon as we set up the champagne table, catering, and red carpet service, we’ll be ready.  Has anybody notified People Magazine? 


I’ve been in the mood for a grand “hehe” all day.  It’s Dustin Hoffman’s fault.  In a Today Show interview that aired this morning, he told a joke:  Two cannibals were eating a clown.  One said to the other, “Does this taste funny to you?” 


We staked and tied up the tomato plants today.  They are growing rapidly.  One of the Black Plums has two tomatoes starting!  I’m going to have to call up my gardening competition and sell some wolf tickets.  I’m sure my tomatoes are going to be out first!




5 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the lace. That bug hasn’t bitten me yet – maybe sometime. Let us know about the KIP – I’ll try to get there.

  2. I love that green of the lace. 🙂

  3. That’s beautiful. I’m not very good at knitting but used to crochet lace and loved it. In fact, I learned how to crochet by tackling the most difficult patterns. The color you have chosen is just lovely.

  4. Your lace looks beautiful.

    I will definetly join the knit in public if I do not have to work out of town that day. Will it be too hot in the park?

  5. I heard Dustin tell that joke, and thought it immensely funny. I’ll put in for the buttons, if you’d like, since I thought about it but didn’t follow through, as you did!

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