Bamboo, Lace and World Wide Knit in Public Day

Well, I’ve had an interesting weekend.  To say the least.  Wait, let me adjust the tv.  The fierce Chinese story I was watching ended and Dying Young (Julia Roberts in huge hair) had started.  Too distracting to be my writing background.

Okay.  All the extra folks are gone from the house.  We had the family of my graduate (three) and my son, who slipped into town and met us at graduation.  The couches were all occupied, but we didn’t reach the sleeping-bags-on-the-floor stage.  I cooked some and cleaned a little, but didn’t feel especially put out by chores.  My son did his usual whirlwind of errands and tasks, insisting on finding a recycle center open on Sunday and hauling our giant load of  paper, aluminum and cardboard.  (If anyone has had success with one of those catalog control sites, please let me know.  I have tried to no avail.)


Among the “extras” was the most charming 11 year-old I’ve met in a long time.  She was quiet-spoken but not at all shy.  She sat next to me at graduation and watched me knit with curiosity, asking questions.  When we were back home, I picked a ball of yarn and some needles and started her knitting.  She learned in about three seconds and worked on the beginning of a scarf for more than an hour.  She was comfortable knitting by herself, but could immediately see her minor mistakes and would bring them to me to correct.  When she gets home, she’s going to a class (Mom promised).  The knitting isn’t the only thing.  At 11 she’s going into 7th grade.  She hijacked my computer to look at my store, then to search Etsy for other interesting things.  Every time an unfamiliar name came across her screen, she jumped to Google it.  Her interest and persistance were far beyond her age.


This morning I checked out my skin in the mirror.  I’ve learned that it’s a necessary part of my care, with all the immunosuppressive medications.  I found a red spot the size of a dime under one arm.  Underneath, a tender lump, the start of a boil.  I started antibiotics right away.  I’ve learned that infections behave much more aggressively in these circumstances; if I waited a day, I would awaken with a fully developed, tender, fluctuant nodule.  No thanks. 


Two days ago I discovered that World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Day is fast approaching:  Saturday, June 14.  Events where knitters can get together, called “KIPs”, are being planned all over the world.  There is a website where you can look up the KIPs in your area ( ) and see what kinds of celebrations are planned.  Our nearest KIP is 30 miles away in Dalton, Georgia.  That’ll never do, so we started discussion in knitting group to plan our own.  Stay tuned.  There will be public knitting in Chattanooga on the appointed day. 


So, back to knitting.  I finished both baby blankets this weekend and will show them tomorrow, if the thunder and lightning is gone.  I love them both; I’d wrap my own kid in either of these blankets, if she wasn’t 20.  Today my daughter reminded me that she loved the Leaf Kimono Top in the latest issue of Interweave Knits.  We found the pattern and I made a brief search through my stash.  We settled on a lovely shade of seagreen Bamboo by Southwest Trading Company.  It’s a discontinued colour but I have at least seven skeins, purchased in a great sale.  It will be almost the same colour as the sample in the magazine photo.  I have swatched.  Tomorrow, the cast-on.  I was going to make my wide scarf my first lace project, but this is a pattern that will knit up easily and be a nice introduction, not to mention making a certain young woman happy. 




2 Responses

  1. I’ve been listing things in, but there hasn’t been time for it to have worked. And I’ll be watching for the Chattanooga location for WWKIP. I think there’s a knitting group at my local Panera Bread, and I’ll check the bulletin board there.

  2. In public? Have you knitters no shame? What next? Obama caught knitting in the Oval Office in December? (Which of course will cause immediate impeachment).

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