Battling Murphy’s Law with a Knitting Needle

In my 30s I learned, or maybe accepted, that we never reach steady state.  Our lives never cruise into that calm, predictable, stress-free zone.  Stuff always happens, something is always hitting the fan, we’re always on the one step forward-two steps back dance plan.  This week I feel that acutely.  I tried to prepare for house guests and graduation in advance.  All the plans were discussed with the active parties.  These involved cleaning, catering, shuffling clutter, and shopping.  Today, everything went haywire.  Our houseguests are arriving in the middle of the night, graduation is four hours earlier than I anticipated, and our houseguest count is rising. 


What to do?  Stock the refrigerator, shower tonight, and get lots of sleep.  The universe is completely out of my control.  I think the important things tomorrow will be comfortable shoes, remembering my morning medicines, and being nice to people at graduation.  When graduation gets long, hot and boring, I will recite to myself “pick up the food on your way home, pick up the food on your way home…”, my admonition to get the catered sandwiches and salads. 


This is one of the situations where knitting has saved my life.  When I sit for more than 45 minutes in an uncomfortable chair, I become stiff and sore.  If my feet aren’t propped up, my back begins to ache and my legs swell.  Having some activity to distract me makes these physical disturbances less difficult.  I’ll take a small piece to knit and try to be inobtrusive.  My back will be plastered with Lidocaine patches.  That’s my sophisticated survival plan.




5 Responses

  1. If I lived in a calm, stress-free life, I think I would be asleep all the time.
    I hope your survival plan works. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Good luck with the commotion and organization. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your plans. I never go anywhere without a book and a sock to knit.

  4. I just read this blog and immediately I thought of you. It’s a contest…just submit the best advice you have ever been given…and they will chose the best. The prize is free homespun yarn. Here’s where it is:

  5. Well, you both looked lovely and stress-free on Saturday.

    Hey, how about buttons or something for WWKnit in Public Day??

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