More Felted Mats, and What Feels Like Relaxing on an Anxious Day

“This is for relaxed people.  This is not for me.”  Kate Gosselin, mother of twins and sextuplets (Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC)


I’m having a little problem today.  I can see obligations and appointments piling up over the next two weeks, and it makes me anxious.  There’s one doctor’s appointment, one sitting-with-the-little-old-parents morning, one lunch with my insurance guy, and graduation weekend for my youngest host kid.  His mom and sister will drive in the day before graduation and stay with us.  Oh yeah, and birthday dinner to celebrate Daddy’s 90th birthday.  We can splurge, spend the $2.50 we each made on our Preakness bets.


I know that’s not an unmanageable list, but when I look ahead and see my road cluttered with scheduled activities, I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to bear up healthwise.  I put Kate’s words at the top because my reaction to all these appointments is so different from my reaction to having my house fill up with noisy children going in every direction.  That is when I am relaxed and comfortable.  I don’t mind the chaos and the mess.  I can enjoy children without any effort or preparation or adjustment. 


Today I went to my sister’s house to help her with her new computer.  I’ve messed around on my own pc’s since the Radio Shack Tandy.  No, since I wrote programs for my microbiology professor in medical school.  That’s the first time I saw a pc.  Before that I was in engineering school, going to the computer center with my punch cards to run my programs.  The computer took up a whole building.  Then they put it in a little box that could sit on a desk.  Wow.  Anyway, I’m pretty fair at troubleshooting for everyday computer use.  When I turned the corner onto my sister’s street, I thought they had moved her house.  Instead of being pale yellow, it is now hot pink.  Quite a change.  I sat in the driveway and examined the details of the front door and steps to make sure I was at the right house. 


After the sister visit, I went to the grocery store.  I’m beginning to see increased prices on fresh produce.  I remind myself that if a pack of vegetables is $5, that’s only 1/4 or 1/5 what I would pay to eat the same vegetable at a restaurant.  I’m stricter about preventing waste, but I haven’t changed my buying habits yet.  Despite the careful shopping, I had a haphazard meal for dinner.  I took soup from the freezer, microwaved a package of cauliflower, and had garlic bread from Niedlov’s.  They are a local artisan bakery and their garlic bread has whole cloves of garlic baked into it. 


All this way without mentioning knitting.  Well, I won’t discuss it.  I’ll show you.  This is the felted rug that I began at the end of March.  I felted and blocked it, and debated for a while whether I should trim it.  Since it’s felted, I could cut the edges even with scissors and have a perfectly good, nonravelling edge.  But I’ve decided to leave it uncut.  See “Just Sunday Winding Down”, March 30 post. 

     This baby hat didn’t make it into the pile for afghans for Afghans.  I made the seed-stitch brim first, sewed it together, and then picked up stitches around the edge to mke the crown.  The crown has a spiral pattern with 1 purl and 4 knits all the way around.  The cast-on is a multiple of 5 minus 1 stitch. 

 This is the new mat that I cast on yesterday.  From the top, the colors are actually orange, brown, tan, and violet.  I don’t know why the violet reads so blue in these outdoor photos.  You can see the garter stitch border and stockinette body of this piece. 

 Some of my tomato plants, and my rolling cart covered with a towel.     




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  1. I LOVE that blue hat; what size is that rug? I love it too . . .

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