Grade A, Truthful Tomato Talk

As much as I am trying to ignore it, lupus is giving me daily aches and pains and difficulties, and I’m in venting mode.  The cast shoe I’m wearing has to be fastened securely around my foot, and I can’t just slip it off and on, a liability when you don’t bend well.  It does seem to cushion the blow to my poor cuboid bone, and I can’t say that the pain is as bad as it was a week ago.  I can put my foot on the floor without hollering, an improvement I appreciate greatly.  My cheek rash has been hot and red, I’ve had a few feverish moments, and I’m a bit tired, and I’m hoping these symptoms are not harbingers of a flare.  No joints are involved in this foolishness, but I am having some knee aches. 


This morning I was anxious to check on my tomato babies and see how they fared overnight.  A couple looked a little droopy, but it wasn’t from lack of water.  I left them alone and let mother nature take care of them for the day.  Hope they perk up soon.  They got a little water from today’s rain.  They are all 8-12 inches tall, with several leaves on each plant.  They should be resilient.  Tut-tut says her grandfather helped develop the Rutgers tomato.  One of my sisters attended Rutgers, and I was getting ready to ask her if she knew of their tomato, and here’s a person who actually worked on it! 


I was considering the importance of agriculture research when I was at the university last week.  The road to the yarn store passes by some of the agriculture department’s massive fields of cattle and sheep.  There are barns and lots of farm equipment in evidence, too.  Somewhere, maybe there’s a greenhouse full of southern heirloom tomatoes. 


Speaking of university, my daughter’s grades are in, and I’m celebrating with her.  She had a fabulous semester and is feeling great that she’s hit her stride with her college work.  Now that she’s home, I’m also grateful to have the company and the help.  I admire her way of running the house.  She’s good at anticipating our needs and stocking up on necessities.  We have always taken care of each other with little kindnesses, and we fall back into that habit as soon as we’re together.  We’ve never fussed over who carries the plates to the kitchen or who should put the dog out this time.  We’ve had some difficult times, but never because she was a willful or negative force.  I am the luckiest mom!  She brought me the coolest purse for that day.  We had seen it together in a store and I was sure she would buy it for herself.  It’s a good thing I didn’t ask her about it.  She doesn’t lie to me, and my surprise would have been blown. 


“She doesn’t lie to me.”  That is a powerful statement.  What I despise more than anything is when someone lies to me.  And yet, I don’t think you raise a truthful child just by saying “don’t lie”.  My way to approach it was to always contain myself when she was telling me something difficult.  I think that without the yelling and fussing and kneejerk reactions to her confessions, she was encouraged to say what she needed without fear.  When I asked her why she tells me the truth, she says she doesn’t “see the point in lying”.  She adds “You don’t lie to me.  Why should I lie to you?”  That is true.  Whenever I can dredge up the truth and articulate it, I use it.  It’s easier, cleaner, maybe not always safer, but then who can live a safe life all the time?  I like truth. 


Tomorrow I will climb back on that bike and ride.



Enough of my “way to live” talk.  I’m almost finished with the band of a child’s hat that I couldn’t finish in time for the mailing.  I did complete ten hats.  I’ll show you the last two tomorrow. 


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