Baby Tomato Plants, Newborn Hats

I am elated.  My heirloom tomato plants arrived yesterday, and today we put them into their pots.  I only ordered 10 plants, and they are in separate pots that are lined up around the perimeter of the little porch outside my bedroom.  The pots are big and I was afraid we’d run out of potting soil, but Dayna discovered two bags that had been under the deck since our sod was put down four years ago.  She dragged them up for me and we had just enough, including the new bags and the compost.  Dayna also had the honerous job of shoveling the compost into buckets and bringing them up to the porch.  It smelled like poop, but it was the most wonderful, moist, rich soil, inhabited by tons of earthworms.  We put a beach bucketful into each pot along with the potting soil.  The plants were in great shape after being shipped from California.  Laurel ( has the packing down to a science; they are well-protected and moist when they arrive.  I chose them by their characteristics, looking for drought-tolerance, ability to grow in pots, and production of fruit that isn’t too huge and heavy.  They have wonderful names like “Rutgers” and “Black Plum” and “Goose Creek”.  I left all the little markers so I can report on them later. 


Now, I promised photos of baby caps and yarn.  I was able to take them yesterday, and here they are:
An Aurora 8 scrap project, knit in the round, with diamonds added, side view and top view.




Aurora 8, knit in round

Ulteppegarn bonnet with underchin ties.  Top and sides are mistake rib. 

Unidentified yarn, ribbed bottom of cap, nipple top.


Leftover handpainted Manos.  Side and top views.

All the baby hats I had yesterday.  Two more from today will be photographed and shown tomorrow.  The top left peachy-coloured one has ribbing at the bottom and again at the top, and it’s closed with a three-needle bind-off over about 10 stitches.  The bottom blue one is 2×2 ribbing all the way to the top. 

Ulteppegarn (Norwegian) -lightly twisted, posted as 4 stitches per inch on an 8-10 needle, but it knits a lot smaller for me. 

Soft Chunky, from Twinkle Handknits–you can see the softness!

On the left, Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Winter Sky.  On the right, three balls of Sublime Organic Cotton in shade 91.  In the top middle, a skein of Manos Silk Blend in color 3019.  Closer view of Silk Blend.  Lucious!


I’ll let the photos say it all tonight.  If I get requests, I’ll publish some patterns for baby hats.




2 Responses

  1. What a fun day you’ve had! You’ll really enjoy those tomatoes when they come in. I can just see you, standing out on your deck, eating that first one out-of-hand, like an apple, with the juice dripping.

  2. My grandfather, as a college student, worked on the development (a little, I suppose) on the development of the Rutgers tomato at Rutgers Univ. in New Jersey . . .

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