Fiber Fest

I have been way past disconnected from this blog.  I miss my writing, and I’m anxious to get back on schedule and make daily time for being here.  In the past week, the only thing I’ve done with regularity is knit.  I’ve stuck with the plan to turn out newborn hats for the afghans for Afghans group.  My stack of hats would grow faster if I didn’t succumb to the desire to use these as a testing ground for new patterns.  So far, I’ve got various styles of caps, some with fancy stitchwork and some plain, and a bonnet style made with mistake rib, and I’m working on one with a vertically-worked band topped by narrow stripes.  I’ve also been slowed by the compulsion to use some of the new yarns that I purchased on my trip. 


And that, my dears, is the lead-in to my yarn store visit.  Not 15 minutes from the college town is a beautiful yarn store.  It is in a small town that doesn’t seem to be the hub of anything, but it’s one of the better-stocked stores I’ve visited.  Main Street Yarns and Fibers (  has a great website, and I checked out their stock before my visit to the physical store.  They sell their yarns on line, too, so now that I’ve identified some new favorites there, I can continue to order them.  It’s been almost six months since I visited a yarn store and some new yarns have come out that I wanted to see and touch, so I made a list before I went to the store. 


Main Street Yarns is no longer on Main Street.  Instead, it sits on a small street after a turn off another street, neither of which seems to be going anywhere big.  The store is a converted barn, painted a deep red, with a spacious interior that includes a ring of comfortable chairs that are made for sitting and knitting and conversing.  I visited the store in the last hour before closing, and I was surprised at the number of customers who came in and made purchases.  There were two staff people present, and they were friendly and knowledgeable, including being aware of the yarn store situation in Chattanooga. 


On the website I had noticed a yarn that was completely unfamiliar to me.  It’s price tag (less than $4 per skein) attracted my attention first, as it was on sale, but the color variety and the pretty twist made me look it up when we arrived at the store.  Ullteppegarn is 100% wool, made in Norway, and comes in a number of saturated, vibrant colors.  I chose orange, cherry red, lime green and turquoise, and I’ve already made one infant bonnet from it.  Almost the opposite of this was Soft Chunky from Twinkle Handknits.  It is very thick, unplied, and in delicate, subtle colors.  Wonderfully soft, this one.  I chose pale gray, a very light pink, cream, and light blue.  Another softy is Manos Silk Blend, from Manos del Uruguay.  It is a DK weight, 70% extrafine merino/30% silk, kettle dyed, mine in pale sage and beige and cream.  I picked up a ball of Sublime Organic Cotton dk, one of the softer cottons I’ve handled.  My last purchase was Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, 55% mohair/45% wool, hand dyed in beautiful deep blues and purples. 


We’ve had dreadfully wet and windy weather for the past two days, and I haven’t had a good opportunity to photograph my treasures, but I think the day will be brighter tomorrow.  I can show both my stack of baby hats and the new yarns.  I’m excited to share them. 


Oh yeah, the foot.  It’s almost two weeks since I woke with an inexplicably severe pain in my lateral right foot.  I’ve done what I could, babying it and rubbing it and soaking it…even took it to urgent care yesterday.  Xrays didn’t reveal anything diagnostic, and I’m limping around with a cane and my foot in a cast shoe, planning to call my rheumatologist about it tomorrow.  I’m hoping that being home and treating it with more rest will be the ticket.  It actually caused me to miss knitting group, and that is inexcusable.  Any more of that and I will have to consider a foot transplant.  Who can afford to be without a working, pain-free driving foot? 


Omigosh!  It is 2 a.m.  I’ve been having a movie fest with my daughter.  Bedtime!




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