A 72-Hour Hold in Two Hotels

Yayyy, back home again!  I prolonged this journey by stopping in a small town yesterday.  I wanted to go far enough to feel that I had a head start, but I was too tired to make the whole trip at once.  Packing and packing and packing…even though my daughter had already worked on packing for some hours, there was a lot more to do.  I actually enjoyed looking at what had been done and organizing the rest, acting as the foreman for the job.  I have some talent at looking at large, complex jobs and breaking them down into smaller tasks, prioritizing the smaller bits so that things get done in logical order. 


I couldn’t help comparing the two hotels where I stayed-the private, slightly more expensive hotel in the college town with a spa and nice club adjacent, and the Holiday Inn Express in the small town where I lodged last night.  Surprisingly, the Holiday Inn Express room had some important positives.  The small built-in kitchen was clean and well-kept, and I liked having a place away from the television set and my other personal items on the bureau to make my coffee.  There was a comfortable, well-upholstered loveseat that suited my purposes much better than the easy chair in the expensive hotel.  The beds were equally comfortable.  My feet appreciated the extra cushioning of the carpet in the Holiday Inn Express, and all of me was happy for a tub that was large enough for a real bath.  The free breakfast tasted-well, free.  I missed the wonderful room service breakfast at the private hotel, which was better right down to the details, like real silverware and china.  Fortunately, I took my book down to the free breakfast.  They were playing the 700 Club on a giant TV screen in the lobby across from the tables.  Actually, television was kind of rough this morning.  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were on the Today Show with all 17 of their mysteriously well-behaved children.  Mrs. Duggar announced that they are pregnant again. 


I think a trip to urgent care is in order.  No, not from the nausea associated with this morning’s television viewing.  I’ve been hopping around on a very sore foot for ten days, and it isn’t improving.  It hurts when I step down and when I pick it up.  The pain is concentrated in one area, not the generalized pain that I have in both feet most of the time.  I’ve been hoping that using a cane, taking some of the pressure off, and staying off my feet more, would help heal it.  If it was an inflammed joint that might have done it, but it’s still as bad as ten days ago.  I need an xray.  Hmm.  It’ll have to wait until after knitting group.  First things first!


By the way, my current book is Corelli’s Mandolin.  If I’d known it was this funny, I would have started on it ages ago.  Back in “No Fluff Today” I mentioned that I had ordered Bebe Moore Campbell’s 72-Hour Hold.  I read it last week, all in one day.  I couldn’t put it down.  I carried it to the kitchen, bathroom, garage, I rearranged my day to read it.  The book was so real that I wanted to erase the characters’ names and replace them with the names of mothers and children that I know who are living out that struggle with bipolar disorder.  Ms. Campbell dealt with the acute situations that arose when the daughter was manic and refusing care as though she was writing her own family story.  More than that, she grabbed me with her treatment of the mother.  The father felt that there was nothing wrong with the daughter, and was divorced and intentionally absent, so dealing with the daughter fell totally on Mom.  As much as Mom was seeing the day to day reality of her daughter’s illness, she clung to the hope that things would someday be “normal”; her transition to acceptance of her daughter as having a new and different future from the one imagined and planned for was handled with sensitivity and understanding.  That thread of the plot grabbed me; I have lived that with several mothers who are close to me, the longing for “normalcy” for one’s child, and the final acceptance of a different path.  I’ve read a library’s worth of books on various aspects of mental illness, fiction and nonfiction, fairytale and educational.  None has touched me like this. 


Enough.  My absence from writing cannot be cured by attacking every subject that comes to mind tonight.  But one more important thing:  to paraphrase Monk, Obama is the guy.  Yep, he’s the guy.




2 Responses

  1. I hope your foot feels better soon! Also, I actually like the Holiday Inn Expresses. The breakfast sucks, but the rooms are usually consistently comfy, with good cable, and clean. The price is generally reasonable also. 🙂

  2. There’s truly no place like home. I spent my Mother’s Day weekend building fence, introducing the new goats with their tribe and relaxing. It was a wonderful weekend and just short of perfect. Perfect would have been having Simon and James home. I’ll settle for wonderful.

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