On the Road with the Stash

Hi folks!  I feel justified in greeting people, because I’m not in my usual venue.  I’ve arrived here in college town to help my daughter pack up and bring her mountain of supplies back to our place for the summer.  This trip has involved some interesting twists.  I’ve met the young man who is important in her life right now (he’s a winner!), and I’ve played mom-doctor for her respiratory illness.  I’ve made numerous calls to the front desk of my hotel for such necessities as pillow cases, bathroom tissue, and shower cleansing.  (Evidently my room wasn’t as ready as the desk clerk thought.)  None of this seems particularly difficult, however, because I am feeling well and in good traveling shape!  If it wasn’t for my sprained (?) right foot, I would say I’m at my best.  I packed without difficulty, didn’t get exhausted or swollen on the drive, and I’m maneuvering in this new space without making new joint aches.  Hurray!


I had some stash issues before I left home.  (If you don’t knit, please know that the stash is the collection of yarn that is not currently in use.  Knitters use their stashes for self-confidence, competition, reassurance, inspiration…oh yeah, and projects.)  I’m continuing my newborn hat quest, and I had to select some yarns to bring on the trip.  How difficult could that be?  You go to the shelf, you grab a ball or two, and you throw them in the knitting bag.  Yeah, right.  First, I had to consider appropriateness for the project.  You can’t put just anything on a newborn’s head.  It should be soft and warm without too much bulk.  I don’t have to worry about colors for the a-for-A caps, as no colors are considered masculine or feminine or inappropriate for children, but I do have to consider that they aren’t going to be washed, and therefore white and creams and pastels are not good ideas.  Second, I had to decide if I was willing to part with the yarn.  Yeah, I know, I am a selfish, yarn-hoarding, needle-wielding collector who will stock the shelves with yarns that are more for admiring than using.  I feel the shame.  But I’m still not letting go of that skein of hand-dyed, tightly-spun merino in the beautiful sunset shades.  Third, I need to figure out how much to take.  I work best when I can choose between a number of yarns.  I pick them up, and play with them, and they give me ideas about what to make.  There are, of course, practical limitations on how many balls to pack.  Unfortunately, the yarns that I consider and then place back on the shelf also call to me and give me guilt, and I will think about them later when I don’t have them. 


Anyway, I have my yarn, I’m knitting baby caps, and I’ll have something to show tomorrow.  One is quite a bit of stitchwork, and I love it.  Don’t worry, I carefully documented the pattern.  Sharing is my life.  It’s right up there with laughing.  Speaking of laughing, we went to a wonderful restaurant today.  My daughter told me we were getting Italian at DePalma’s, and I immediately thought of the routine Macaroni Grill kind of menu.  Well, surprise.  DePalma’s is a family-owned restaurant with a fabulous menu.  I had goat-cheese ravioli and walnuts in pear wine sauce, portobello salad, and cheese cake.  What a spread!  And along with it, I had great conversation and lots of crazy joking with my daughter and her friend.  Perfect meal. 




3 Responses

  1. Bad enough to talk about your stash. But then you had to talk about FOOD! How tempting can this be?!?

    Have a safe trip home.

  2. Sounds divine; all of it.

  3. I’m glad you are feeling well and enjoying time with your daughter. I’m jealous. I won’t see my son until September if I’m lucky. Another Mother’s Day alone 😦 But…I will think of all of you wonderful mothers who are blessed with their children’s company and be happy for all of you. Enjoy!

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