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Today is for miscellaneous.  That’s what I was thinking while I was eating breakfast oatmeal for my dessert just now.  That’s not an indication of laziness.  Sometimes there are just short, unrelated comments to be made.  Far be it from me to leave a thing unsaid.  Yeah, those of you who know me are laughing.


I’m back at the level of functioning I aim for after every lupus flare.  I wake up in the morning and there’s no major pain.  I can get out of bed and have breakfast, take my meds and get ready to go out in less than two hours.  I remember most of my vocabulary.  I have the energy to do more than one thing in a day.  I can exercise (ride my bike in this case) more than 15 minutes per day.  This is my best “normal”.  The longer I stay in this zone, the more active I can be.  Sometimes I get back to walking a mile a day.  I lose weight.  I start bigger projects.  Eventually, this phase gets closed down by another flare.  Hopefully, the current meds will keep that time far, far away. 


I’ve been working steadily today.  I did some knitting on my cool new sock design at knitting group.  I finished a pink and magenta cotton child’s chemocap.  I piled up some things that need to be photographed and put into my store inventory.  I finally took my red Berocco sweater to knitting group and modeled it.  I had been a little nervous about doing that, but everyone was gracious with compliments.  Whew! 


This weekend was another prom experience.  My son came home from college to attend a local prom, having been asked by a girl that he doesn’t know very well.  It was a group enterprise with five of his good friends, some still in high school.  All the guys dressed at our house.  When they came downstairs, I had to catch my breath.  They had all ordered black tuxedos with black shirts, and had on their best sneakers or slip-ons.  They sported ties to match their dates’ dresses, and some had sunglasses and black hats.  They were adorable!  I was honored to be the prom mom for this bunch.  They are always sweet when they come over, finding me before they go upstairs, giving out hugs and greetings.


I got a text message that I have been waiting for today.  Sometimes it just takes a sentence to set your mind at ease and let you know someone is safe and well.  Even though I am verbose in person and on paper (well, on email), I don’t require equal numbers of words in return.  I love when someone will drop a line to say “hey, I’m still alive, just busy with work”. 


Filled up my car today at the only locally-owned gas station in my little area.  I was the only one there, because there was cheaper gas at several stations down the street.  I felt sorry for the owner.  He changed his station from a Chevron to an independent several years ago so that he could bring cheaper gas to this community.  Now his folks have abandoned him because he isn’t the cheapest this month.  It is so difficult to see the prices on everything going up at the same time.  I’m fortunate that I don’t have to drive many miles, so I can splurge the extra $1.00 per tank and give this poor guy some business.


I was talking to one of my sisters on the phone today, and she said she was trying to think back to when she was really happy.  I felt blessed, because I’m really happy today.  And I was yesterday, and pretty much every day, except when somebody (oh, yeah, that was me!!!) messes with my antidepressants.  And it’s not that antidepressant medicines make you happy.  They just allow you to perceive the good things as well as you perceive the bad.  They keep those distorted signals from coloring your life.  How nice for me!


I visited my little old parents two days ago.  We had a lovely time, just talking.  My dad walked me outside and to my car when I left, being courtly and giving me his arm.  Despite the difficulties of my childhood years, I grew up to realize that they did what they thought was best in raising us.  In some ways, they were extraordinarily good parents.  As they have aged, they have made sure to tell us all how much they love us.  Now it’s rare for a conversation to end without “I love you” being said. 


I’ve learned some valuable aging lessons from my parents.  They were in their early seventies when I was pregnant with my daughter.  They immediately began to plan to be her babysitters when I was at work.  My mom hastened to have a nerve problem in her elbow surgically repaired.  They both attended grandparenting classes to learn what had changed in child-rearing since their time.  They showed me that you could still grow and learn at any age, the way they took their new knowledge to heart and put it into practice.


I’m thinking that I need some Sudoku before bed.  A cup of tea would go well with that.




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  1. I love hearing about your day – especially your loving interaction with your parents.

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