Active and Thinking Sox Design

Yesterday I allowed myself to be a bum.  I know you probably think I’ve been so inactive that I’m a bum everyday, but there’s no enjoyment in being inactive when that’s all you are able to do.  I started to improve radically on Friday, so by Monday I felt I was due a rest.  I know, that is beyond lazy and pitiful.  I did ride the exercise bike, as I have most every day since I began. 


Today, I have been a bundle of activity.  I got ready early.  Without the horrible wakeup pain, it takes me less than two hours to get up and prepare for going out.  I even put 10 minutes on my bike before I bathed.  I made my way to the boarding school to see my youngest host son.  I was returning a dvd that my daughter borrowed on their last visit, but I used the opportunity to catch up with a lovely young woman who has been working in food service at that school for decades.  This little lady, who moves like she is in her forties, is rumored to be close to 70 years old.  She was on staff when my daughter’s father was a student at this school.  Today she told me of surviving a near-catastrophic illness that required brain surgery, and being back for the opening of school six weeks later.  She and I caught up on the news of various students we knew, talking until my host son arrived from class to meet me and claim the dvd. 


When I left the school, I went five minutes down the road to the largest “health-food” grocery in Chattanooga.  It has recently relocated and reopened as a much larger store.  It’s always a pleasure to explore the aisles there.  I was there for routine purchases like canned pigeon peas and bulk Israeli couscous and little red bananas.  I picked up a beautiful red cabbage to sautee with some onion and mushrooms and tofu.  I was so proud that I remembered my cloth grocery bags and carried them into the store. 


This evening, after reading a bit more of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire (I finished his Wicked Sunday), I began to read email.  Somewhere in that process of opening yarn store advertisements and checking out the Knitting Universe message board, I got a fabulous idea for my Outside the Sox entry.  It is a structural difference in sock design that I am anxious to try out.  Of course, when I’m exploring something this exciting, I have no patience, so I’ve already cast on a sock with some beautiful, red and green Austermann Step, and I’m going to try some approaches to my design.  Who knows how many prototypes I’ll have to go through to produce this satisfactorily.  Hope I get lots of cool socks out of it.  There’s no rush; the competition goes to the end of the year. 


People have asked me how I come up with my designs.  I’ve probably said before that every piece I sell is an original design.  It has to be that way, because patterns are copyrighted.  I couldn’t use someone else’s pattern to make an item and then sell it.  Many people come up with a few designs and repeat them over and over (different colors, different yarns, etc.) but I’ve done well over 100 unique pieces.  I think it’s the immersion in the knitting craft that makes this possible.  I am constantly reading, looking at styles (knitted or not), scrolling through online yarn inventories, and feeling skeins from my own mammoth stash, seeing what they suggest to me.  When I look at items that are not plain, flat construction, I consider the geometry involved, and ways to simplify or streamline the construction process. 


Okay, enough schmoozing.  I think if I pick my knitting up, I can finish the cuff tonight.  It’s a soothing activity while I finish NCIS and flip channels to follow Pennsylvania primary results. 






2 Responses

  1. I’ve been carrying my handmade grocery bag by “Essie” when I go shopping for smaller items. It stays it the van with me all the time. Glad you are out and about, can’t wait to see the socks!

  2. Interesting primary: The candidate behind by every valid measure, has a lead of 20-25% pared to 9.1% or so, and pulls a “solid win” according to pundits. Thus, with the last really big state, where delegates could have been scooped up, the winner wins a teaspoon’s worth of delegates.

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