Original Band Hat

Yesterday I finished the CashSilk hat.  I adore it.  I received a request for a real pattern (not just me rambling through my gestalt instructions).  Just for you, tut-tut, here’s the hat:




Here is the pattern.  This pattern is copyrighted and may not be used to produce items for sale.  Please enjoy it for your own use or for gifts.

 Original Band Hat



The band of this hat is knitted first, lengthwise, incorporating your original designs as decoration.  The idea is to have fun with the band, not to spend 10 hours with graph paper making an intricate, planned design.  The dome of the hat is picked up from the edge of the band and knit in simple stockinette stitch.  The hat is designed in two sizes, the first for typical woman with 21″ head, the second for a man’s head or anyone desiring a very loose fit.  The second is in parentheses if instructions are different for the two sizes. 



Materials:  220 (240) yards of worsted weight yarn.  The sample is done in Laines du Nord CashSilk, pink #14.  Size needles to obtain gauge, either in double points or two circulars. 


Band:  Cast on 21 stitches. 

Row 1-4:  Seed stitch.  (Knit 1, purl 1, through the row, alternating with the previous row)

Beginning row 5 is the fun part.  You will maintain the seed stitch border for the first and last 4 stitches of each row.  The middle of the row will be knitted or purled however you like, the more random the better.  You can do a series of knits or purls to produce a particular geometric shape, or you can make long columns of stitches, or you can mix them up completely with very short sequences…whatever makes you happy.   Do this for a total of 18 (19) inches.  End with 4 more rows of seed stitch. 

Put the right sides of the band together and sew them securely to form the center back seam. 


Crown of hat:  Using circular needles, pick up and knit 82 stitches (86) around the edge of the band.  Place marker at the seam.  Join and knit, working stockinette stitch until the whole length of the hat is 6 (6.5) inches.  Then begin decreasing.  Change to double points or two circulars as needed if you have been using one circular needle. 

decrease row 1:  (knit 10, knit 2 together) for entire round

decrease row 2:  knit

decrease row 3:  (knit 9, knit 2 together) for entire round

decrease row 4:  knit

decrease row 5: (knit 8, knit 2 together) for entire round

You should see by now that your decreases are falling into line to make a very neat appearance as you go up the hat.  At some point, your decrease may fall at the junction of two needles.  If that happens, move one stitch to the other needle so that the two can be knit together. 

decrease row 6:  knit

decrease row 7:  (knit 7, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 8:  knit

decrease row 9:  (knit 6, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 10:  knit

decrease row 11:  (knit 5, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 12:  knit

decrease row 13:  (knit 4, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 14:  knit

decrease row 15:  (knit 3, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 16:  knit

decrease row 17:  (knit 2, knit 2 together) entire round

decrease row 18:  knit

Cut yarn about 8 inches long and place on yarn needle.  Thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight.  Fasten with two or three stitches on the inside of cap, then weave end.  Weave remainder of ends. 


I thoroughly enjoyed making this hat and will probably make others.  The beauty of it is that no two will be alike.  In order to complete the hat you need to be comfortable with casting on and binding off, the knit and purl stitches, decreasing by knitting two stitches together, and using double point needles or two circular needles to knit small things in the round. 



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3 Responses

  1. Thank you! Aren’t you thoughtful; I’m sure the one I knit won’t be as nice as yours.

  2. Hey look! the model has hair. (grin) I like the hat, too. I love hats, but can’t wear them much. Several of the girls I work with wear hats, and all day, too. College girls who know “the style”. Makes my head hurt to see them.

    I’m glad you are doing better, and are able to discuss the benefits to anti-depressants. I take one to help prevent migraines – it works by not letting me get *too* angry – as a sudden increase in blood pressure can be a trigger for me. As I am taking it for “socially acceptable” reasons, I can talk about it in public. A few people have told me, quietly, that they take one too, but that I am too keep that a secret. I do, but I am sad that it has to be that way. If the medication is needed, and is taken as directed by the doctor, and it has solved the problem, why must it still be shameful? Especially with all the Viagra commercials out there!? sigh. sorry. Humans are funny, aren’t we?

  3. I love the hat…it is simply gorgeous, so cute on the model with hair and darling if there is no hair too! Go Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” she is styling her new look after chemo! Hats on and More power to the brave women out there like you Essie!

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